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Postgame Quotes (Baylor 14, TCU 4)

April 28, 2010

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Head Coach Steve Smith

On the win boosting Baylor's RPI:
"Win or lose, last night's game helped our RPI. The win is good because you need a win. Now you have a win. We have to do well in our conference and when that is over, you may look back and see games like this making a difference. The big task ahead is to try and finish as high as we can in the league."

On the outing from Willie Kempf:
"Willie was really sharp. I don't know how many first-pitch strikes that he threw, but it was a bunch. They took a lot (of pitches), particularly after we got the lead. They were trying to see if we could walk them back into the game a little bit. He just threw a lot of strikes. I thought he was very sharp. I would have kept him out there had the game been closer. It really worked out well, because we got just about what we needed to get from him to still have him for the weekend."

On the importance of the win going into the weekend series against Texas:
"I think it keeps the club on task. Nobody in the country is getting the opportunity this week, that this group of guys is getting to play (TCU) and then turnaround and play Texas. That is just what it is - an opportunity. I don't know that our coaches are looking forward to it that much, but I know that our players are."

Senior RHP Willie Kempf:

On the offensive outburst:
"It gives you all of the confidence in the world that they are going to go out there and keep putting up runs. They did it one inning after another. You sometimes worry that when you get a lot of runs early on that the offense will go dormant for a while. That didn't happen tonight. Those guys swung the bats well."

On the win:
"This is a huge win for us, especially going into a weekend against Texas. We definitely needed to get one of these wins against TCU. This is such a huge opportunity for us this week with playing five games against teams in the top-10. We have the biggest opportunity out of any team in the country this week. It would be nice to be 2-0 on the week right now, but we are pleased where we are sitting. We have a lot of confidence going into the weekend series."

Sophomore DH Dan Evatt

On the offense:
"I thought we had been swinging the bat pretty well as of late. Tonight we got after it pretty early after the start. Our at-bats were great from top to bottom, first inning to last inning. Putting up four runs in the first inning really made a statement. They really didn't catch up."

On his improvements at the plate:
"I started of the season pretty bad in general. I think I have made some good adjustments lately and I think it really paid off tonight."



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