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Baylor, New Mexico State Postgame Quotes

April 28, 2012

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Coach Steve Smith

On today’s game:

“There were two halves to this game. There was the half that was the pitcher’s game, and then there was the half where it just got really offensive. That happens. It’s college baseball. Sometimes when you get to the bullpen it’s a really good thing, and today we had our way with that.”

On the break for finals:

“These guys have 10 very important days in front of them, and when they get past that, they’ll get a second wind. Everybody has to go through it.”

On how this team never seems out of a game:

“I think they’re pretty much the same all the time. You see it all the time, when a team gets down, and you get everybody together and try to pump them up. There’s been none of that on this team.”

RHP Ryan Smith

On what worked for him today:

“Honestly, it was really nothing. I had to bear down and just breathe. It just worked out. They played good defense.”

On being able to go longer into games:

“I felt pretty comfortable. Yeah, it’s getting hot, but it’s about getting into a groove and just getting comfortable.”

Outfielder Adam Toth

On collecting three stolen bases in one inning:

“That’s my favorite part; stealing those bases. I’ve got some speed and put it to use on the base paths.”

On the composure of this team:

“It's about being a one-pitch warrior and knowing that when we get down we can always come back. We believe in ourselves that we can do that. We trust our other teammates to know that when somebody is having a bad day, you can always go out and know that they will back you up.”



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