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BU-UT Post Game 2 Quotes

April 28, 2013

Recap |  Final Stats

BU Head Coach Steve Smith

On the game:

"I thought Austin [Stone] was really good. I thought Austin was impressive with what he did today. The circumstances were different than last week, and obviously the room for error was none. [Dillon] Peters was really good, and so methodical. We talked about boring games last night, I mean watching him pitch out there's enough to put you to sleep. He's just pounding, pounding, pounding, and just when you think he can't move, he gets off the mound and fields that swinging bunt like a cat. We'll take the wins any way we can get them. Lawton [Langford] has been hooked up good for us, he's the one who seems to be seeing the ball very well and is coming up at the right time."

On Adam Toth's night and the team's hitting:

"He swung the bat well. His first at-bat was his worst and he didn't let that beat him for the whole game. The bunt wasn't text-book but it was effective. If nothing else, we did battle at the plate. When you're getting guys on, you're still winning a lot of battles and getting a lot of pitches out of the guy. Eventually he's going to come around. So I don't worry about it a ton."

On Crayton Bare closing the game:

"He's the best guy we had available down there. I thought he was very cool, very calm and just executed. I thought he was better tonight than he was last night. That's who we are: guys who compete well."

BU Starter Austin Stone

On if this was better than his TCU outing:

"I feel like it was about the same. There were some innings when I was out there longer than I feel like I should have been. I fell behind in the counts, but I came back and battled. I elevated a lot with the fastball, and kept pounding the fastball."



On his mindset:

"My main thing when I'm out there is try to get three outs without them scoring, and taking it one pitch at a time. Finding the zone and letting them do their own thing, because the odds are in my favor most of the time."

On how big clinching the series win is:

"It's real nice. Getting the series and being able to go out and try to sweep them is our plan. Being able to do that is another step in the process and that's our main goal."

BU Second Baseman Lawton Langford

On taking the ball four that led to the winning run:

"It was probably a little too close to take. But I thought I saw it down, a little lower than it was, and fortunately he called it a ball so it worked out well."

On the mindset at the plate against Dillon Peters:

"He did a good job tonight but I thought we all took a good approach. We didn't go up there and try to do a whole lot or try to hit it out of the park -- just tried to put good swings on the ball."

On if he thinks he's seeing the ball really well right now:

"I feel like I'm seeing the ball the best I have all season. It's easier to lay off that pitch at this point in the season when I've had a lot of at-bats and seeing the ball well. Earlier in the season it probably would've been tough to lay off that, so it's definitely a lot easier to see the ball now."

On clinching the series:

"That's huge. They're a scrappy team and their pitchers do a good job, so it was good to get the second win. Hopefully we can come out here tomorrow and compete some more."

BU Reliever Crayton Bare

On wearing number 19 instead of 35 tonight:

"We got back (from TCU) and I was flipping through my bag, returning my jerseys and I was like `where's the 35 green one?' So I don't know where it is. Last time I had it on was when I was playing TCU."

On getting the opportunity to close the game:

"Austin threw a great game. Our guys put the ball in play and could've scored because we had a lot of opportunities but we only need one. Josh [Michalec] competed really well, and so with all that happening, I was able to go out there and just do my thing. I felt pretty comfortable, it wasn't a new situation and I felt really prepared. I went through the same routine I do every day and got out there and competed in the zone and good things happened."

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