Postgame Quotes (Texas 4, Baylor 2)

April 30, 2010

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Head Coach Steve Smith

On tonight's game:
"I thought it was a really good game. There was a lot of competition and a lot of good play. They were a couple of runs better tonight and we'll go play them tomorrow and see if we can get a little better as we go along. It's hard to complain about a game like this when we did leave guys on base. But (Taylor) Jungmann only punched us out twice. That says enough. You don't have to evaluate, critique, criticize and analyze everything. All you need to know is that we only punched out twice against a guy who is striking out a batter and-a-half an inning. That's it, enough said. They won the game tonight."

On the team's pitching performance:
"I didn't throw and I didn't see it. But I would assume that it was definitely elevated enough for him to get to it. I'm sure he was trying to throw the ball off the plate. But I would rather get (Russell) Moldenhauer out before he gets to two strikes. He's a better hitter with two strikes than he is early. I rode Logan (Verrett) pretty hard tonight but I thought his stuff was good enough at the end and I wanted to give him a chance to do it. I thought (Kolt) Browder showed a whole lot. It was good to see (Brooks) Pinckard go back out there after the meltdown the other day at TCU. I thought we got a great effort out of the starter and we got two pretty good kids that came in and pitched out of some jams. (Texas) didn't knock us out of the game. We got a little raggedy with balls and strikes and it's not like he was all over the place. He's missing but it's close. They did a good job and it was a well played game."

On Logan Verrett late in the game:
"His stuff was as good. I watch our board quite a bit to get an idea of how he's holding up and I had the pitch count. His pitch count was on the high side but the issue with him late was not so much the pitch count. (Texas) had a lot of looks at him. Could he get them out one more time? He got close but couldn't do it. That, to me, wasn't the game. We had two guys on base with nobody out. Their second baseman (Jordan Etier) made a big time play. It's great to see amateur college players play the game at this level in front of this much attention. It's a great thing to see guys play it well. It's great to see fans respect the game and respect both teams."

Sophomore RHP Logan Verrett

On losing the game late:
"If we were going to win it, I think we were going to do it there in the bottom of the ninth when we had the momentum on our side. But that's baseball. It's a game of inches. They put the ball in play when they needed to, and they're a good club, obviously. Just a few defensive plays we should have made, and honestly the game's not even close."

On giving up the game-tying hit:
"Now that I look back at it, I kind of question the call. But at the time, I was like, `All right.' It was just a fastball away, and we needed to get it way off the plate and I didn't do that and left it up a little bit, and he kind of hooked it into center field. But he's a good hitter. He's their 4-hole (clean-up hitter). He's there for a reason. He's there to drive runs in. No, I didn't make the pitch that I wanted. I should have gotten that pitch a lot more off the plate and set him up for a slider or change-up or something."

Senior catcher Gregg Glime

On the tough loss:
"Timely hits and timely runs, that's just the game of baseball. It was a tough game to lose. We got a good effort on the mound and a good effort on defense. I thought we swung the bats well. We got 10 or so hits on one of the best arms in the country. We can take positives out of it but it's tough losing like that."

On the game and the outlook for the rest of the weekend:
"I question myself on the pitch call there. We didn't execute the pitch how we wanted to. That's the way baseball goes. It wasn't a bad pitch. It wasn't far enough off the plate but then again I don't know if that was the right pitch to throw there. It's just one of those where you wish you could go back and do it over again but you can't, and that's unfortunate."



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