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Postgame Quotes (Texas 2, Baylor 1)

May 2, 2010

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Head Coach Steve Smith

On the game:
"I don't know if I've seen two teams pitch it collectively (that well). When's the last time you've seen a 1-1 game in extra innings? That's very rare. I thought the two starters were tremendous. It's maybe the best I've seen Shawn (Tolleson). It's really good to see that back to back. Last week, he was really good and I think this one was maybe a little bit better. Cole Green was everything that his numbers would indicate that he was, and we finally got a little something going there and we bunt right into an early break. There's just really no explanation or excuse for it."

On Baylor's pitching:
"All of our guys did a pretty good job coming out of the pen. I was really pleased to see, I put (Josh) Turley in a tough spot. He came in bases loaded, two outs, and he did a nice job. (Brooks Pinckard) came in throwing strikes. We got as far with him as we could. I thought, if they're going to beat us, let's beat Pinckard. He gave us some chances. He gave us more chances, he just extended the game. It was good to see him be good tonight after he was good last night, particularly coming off the struggles we've had on Tuesday. When he gets an outing like this where he has to pitch multiple innings, he used three pitches tonight. Most of the time when he's in the game you don't see that. This is as much about his development as anything else. I just think it makes him better. Whether or not that translates into something for us this year, but it'll translate into something for him."

On Jordan Weymouth's walk-off hit:
"I think for both teams there gets to be a point where the ability to focus and stay with it -- you get fatigued. I don't think there's that big of a surprise that a guy who's been sitting over there for three hours got the base hit to win the game. He's probably the only fresh guy out here. I think that's part of it."

On the loss:
"There's no value in moral victories. You just move on. There's nothing you can do. The first thing you do is go get something to eat. Then you come back and you play tomorrow. This is the game of baseball, and it's the game of baseball all the way to the big leagues. This is probably unusual at this level to get this quality and extend it this far. But it's the way the game is played. There's no clock, you've got to get the out and they got three when they needed them....We just move on. Our guys are learning and (Texas) played hard, and we played pretty good. We pitched it well enough that we had a chance."

Junior RHP Shawn Tolleson

On the loss :
"We just have to come out and find a way to win. We are going to come out and win tomorrow because we really don't have any other options. .. It is really tough (to lose a game like this). It really leaves a sick feeling in my stomach. Texas is a great team and we are just as good. We are hanging right there with them but it is just one thing here or there that we can't get done. That is going to have to change for us to be a good team like that."

On his performance :
"Anytime that I am out the pitching, especially when I am pitching well, I am having a good time. It is fun to go out there and compete. (Cole) Green is obviously a good pitcher that is having a great year. It is fun to go up against that type of guy and match him. It is just disappointing that we couldn't come out with a victory."

On his 11 strikeouts and zero walks:
"(Not throwing a) walk was the most important thing to me. I would have to look back at the record books, but I don't think I have ever had a start without a walk in my career."

Sophomore RHP Brooks Pinckard

On the loss:
"It is pretty depressing but we have to come back and bounce back tomorrow. We want to win these types of games. This will help us in the long run. We have to be ready tomorrow."

On his last inning of work and the game-winning hit:
"I was feeling good. I just left that last pitch over the middle of the plate and I shouldn't have done that. It is going to happen. It was a fastball. I was trying to get it outside and let it run a little bit but I just left it over the middle of the plate."

On what this game means for the team:
"All along we knew that we were a great ball club. We just have to prove it. Coming up here and taking a (win) against Texas will do that. We just have to be ready tomorrow and hopefully we can (get a win)."



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