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Postgame Quotes (Texas 4, Baylor 1)

May 2, 2010

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Head Coach Steve Smith

On the series:
"Honestly, while (Texas) didn't make a ton of mistakes, in each one of the games we had an opportunity. I thought we had an opportunity today with runners on second and third and nobody out in the sixth inning with two, three and four in the order coming up. The problem with two and three in that situation is (all you have to do) is just put the ball into play and we are swinging at ball four. I thought most of our mistakes were on the offensive side with the inability to make an adjustment and have an inability to stay consistent with a two-strike approach. Defensively we played it pretty well and I think we pitched it pretty well."

On the frustration of the team following three close games:
"They're winners and winners get frustrated when they lose. Most of those guys that we talked about at two, three and four in the lineup, those are some of your most competitive kids. They are the ones that their strikeouts are a function of wanting to do it too bad."

On the effort of the team following the series:
"I thought our guys after Friday just played the game. We weren't playing Texas, we were playing the game. I thought on Friday in some cases that we had some guys that were playing the uniform. Saturday and today I didn't think that. I just don't think we played well enough (to win)."

Freshman LF Logan Vick

On finishing the week 1-4:
"It's frustrating. We had three games this week that went extra innings and we lose all three of them. It takes a toll on you mentally and physically. You have to just step up and have people get hits in those big situations. We left two guys on second and third with no outs, and we ended up getting out of the inning with only one run. We had to have someone step up and get those guys in, whether it's a sacrifice or a base hit. We have to have that timely hitting."

On the hanging tough with Texas :
"It feels good to get some hits off (Texas), knowing that they're the best pitchers in the country. We didn't have that good of bats this weekend -- we only had four hits today. But we battled the whole weekend. But we didn't have that timely hitting with people in scoring position. Also, we didn't get bunts down when we needed to, to get those guys in scoring position."

On stranding two runners in scoring position in the sixth inning:
"I thought for sure we'd get more that one run out of that. We had guys on second and third with no outs, and there's no reason not to get at least one more run out of that."

Junior RHP Craig Fritsch

On the week:
"This whole week has been a little frustrating, starting with Tuesday, not pulling that one out. We've been in all these games, and it's just really hard to not pull them out in the end. (We won't see pitching like Texas again) That helps ease it a little bit, but it's still not a win. You still want a win."

On the Baylor pitching staff:
"We've got some stuff going on the mound this week, and hopefully we can keep that going. I feel good with all my stuff. The sixth inning, I started leaving things up and got hit a little bit. But I'm feeling pretty good right now."



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