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Postgame Quotes

May 4, 2008

Recap |  Box Score

Baylor head coach Steve Smith:

On today's game:

"Kenn Kasparek threw really, really well. We've seen him in three different years, and I thought that was as well as I've seen him throw. Clearly this was a day where everybody who went to the mound pitched pretty effectively, and the margin for error on the mound was pretty small. We made just enough mistakes on the mound to make the difference in the game."


On the Texas pitchers:

"They do a good job as a staff, with right-handed pitching, back-dooring breaking balls; they always have. That's a very effective pitch against left-handed hitters, but it's not an easy pitch to throw. They do a good job as a staff of teaching that and executing it."


On Craig Fritsch's performance:

"The margin for error on the mound was very small, and he made a couple of mistakes that hurt him. He bobbled the bunt, then he should've gone to first but he went to second, he hit a leadoff batter that turned into a run. (Russell) Moldenhauer did a good job with the pitch that he got to drive that run in - it wasn't like that was a mistake. He dodged a bullet in that inning with the lineout to third base (with the bases loaded and one out), we got a break right there, and they wind up leaving the bases loaded."




Baylor sophomore 3B Shaver Hansen:

On Texas RHP Kenn Kasparek's performance:

"We've seen him before, but he was definitely more in control than he was last time. Last time his fastball was effectively high, and he was effectively wild a little bit, but this time he did a good job of hitting his spots. We hit some balls hard, but they've got some great defenders behind him, and we never could catch a break when it seemed like we needed it."


On the offense striking out nine times after not striking out at all Saturday:

"Most of our approaches were pretty much the same as they were yesterday - we want to put the ball in play with two strikes, but it's tougher when you've got a right-hander who throws a little harder than the lefty the day before. Trying doesn't really get it done, but that's what we're doing. We're trying to come together as a team because the season is not over yet."


Baylor freshman RHP Craig Fritsch:

On his performance:

"I felt great, I had everything working again, but it was just a tough loss on those two runs. I made a little mistake out there on the mound. I make that play every day in practice, but I just bobbled it a little bit, and they got a run out of that."


On his mindset pitching in a low-scoring game:

"I was just staying on my game like I always throw out there. If we score runs, we score runs, if we don't, we don't. I just stayed with my stuff and tried to get it done."


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