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Postagme Quotes: Oklahoma State 1, Baylor 0

May 13, 2011

Recap |  Box Score

Head Coach Steve Smith 

On Baylor‘s pitching tonight:  
“I thought it may have been the best I have ever seen Logan Verrett throw. I thought he threw really well. I thought Josh Ludy called a great game and did a great job managing it. He just pitched outstanding. On the other side, their guys over matched us. They came at us with fastballs. They struck us out 16 times. I can not remember the last time that has happened and I am sure that the last time it happened it wasn‘t just on a lot of fastballs. It was disappointing to get that type of effort out of Logan Verrett and not be able to get him a run.”

On what the team can take away from the game tonight:
“I take something away from every game. I learn something about our players in every game. You can take something away from this tonight, but if you can come out and win a game tomorrow everything changes. That is the way these series are. This game is done and the game tomorrow is now the biggest game of the year for us.”

On how the weather may have impacted the game:
“The weather may have effected both clubs a little bit offensively tonight. It is extremely unusual to be wearing a jacket in May in this part of the country, but I wouldn‘t.”


Junior RHP Logan Verrett

On his performance on the mound tonight:
“I think I did well. I was able to keep us in it. I was able to go eight innings and put up eight zeroes. That is big in a game like this. It was just a matter of time before our offense was going to come around. They just caught a lucky break there in the tenth inning to get the win. That is baseball and we get a chance to come out tomorrow and redeem ourselves and prove that we are better than we played tonight.”



On what the team is able to take away from this game:
“It is still one game at a time. It is getting down to the end of the season, but we have just got to think of it as one game at a time and not look too far ahead into the future and not look behind us.”

On On what the team is able to take away from this game:
“You can take a few games out of tonight’s game. I thought we played well defensively and I thought that we pitched well. We have to go into tomorrows game like we are zero and zero until we get our first win. That is the mentality we have to have to come out and compete tomorrow.”


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