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Postgame Quotes: Baylor 5, Oklahoma State 3

May 15, 2011

Box Score

Head Coach Steve Smith

On the effectiveness of the starting pitchers throughout this series:
"I can`t remember a weekend in Big12 play were we got this good of starting pitching. If we have had it has been a while. I thought today was pretty good. Brooks Pinckard pitched it well. I can`t say enough about the job from Josh Ludy behind the plate. No one before this series had caught all three games of a series and I thought he had a great feel for it and the guys were able to execute. He made some really good decisions and guys did a great job of executing."

On being able to execute a suicide squeeze in the ninth inning:
"There was a lot of pressure on the third base coach when we had bases loaded and put a suicide squeeze play on. The ball didn`t stay in the air too long, it hit the ground, and that was the key."

On Max Muncy`s game today:
"He had a really good ball game for us. He made a great play to complete a double play. We made and completed a lot of those plays all weekend. We had one ball get by us there early in the game, but that is a play that Landis Ware feels like he should have made. There were a lot of things that went well for us this weekend."

Senior C Josh Ludy

On laying down a bunt with two strikes to score a run:
"Honestly I wasn`t seeing that kid very well so I was like hey maybe this will be easier, it worked out anyway."

On the pitchers being in sync with him all weekend:
"We were able to get in a groove and I got a pretty good feel for their hitters after Friday night. They trusted me and they were able to execute everything I asked them to."



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