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May 19, 2007

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Head Coach Steve Smith

On making the Big 12 tournament:

"It's a significant accomplishment for the program because we've never missed it before, and nobody wanted to be a part of the first team to do that. There are only three teams in the league that can say that. I'm proud for the seniors that will get another opportunity to play in the post-season. It's important for our program, as young as we are, to get that kind of experience. The expectations a year from now will be a lot higher than they were this year. These guys need to know what the situation is like and what the post-season is like."

On the long relief work of Willie Kempf:

"It was the critical thing in the whole game. I didn't want to pull Kendal (Volz) out, but after the first inning he didn't strike me as being really aggressive. We're having problems with some of our guys throwing fastballs downhill. It's been the dilemma for (Randall) Linebaugh and (Jeff) Mandel all year. Yesterday Linebaugh was able to get the ball going downhill. Kendal is going to have to learn how to do it, or he's going to have a lot of experiences like he had tonight. I'm sure he'll fix it; he's young, but throwing flat fastballs doesn't work no matter how hard you throw. That's kind of a mechanical thing of sorts that he'll get worked out, but Willie (Kempf) can do that. Willie throws straight over the top and he works up and down in the strike zone."

On pitching Willie Kempf in relief:

"I was a little concerned about turning him around quite this fast after the game at Rice on Tuesday, but I'm glad now that we got him out when we did (against Rice). If we would've left him in there this would've been a little bit more of a struggle tonight, but he's been pretty good."

On Dustin Dickerson's hitting:



"Dustin Dickerson is squaring up the ball really well. That ball he hit to right field was scolded, and the other one he hit to left was hit very well too. That's some good hitting going on right there. When you think about him just being a freshman, that ought to get a lot of people excited to watch that kid play. His understanding of the mental side of (hitting) is beyond his years. He's still got some things to do physically and mechanically that will help him be able to get better, but for a young guy to be able to go to the plate and have the plan that he has, that's really unusual. He's a lot like Zach Dillon, except he's three years younger. We'll see how the years treat him."

On errors early in the game:

"We really had to collect ourselves after the third inning. If we would've lost this game we would've said we gave it away, but we won the game, so we'll call it an ugly win and be glad we got it."

Baylor freshman RHP Willie Kempf

On team's performance:

"Whenever the offense has been scoring like they have the last couple of days, my job is just to go out there and get some outs and let the offense go back to work. It's finally all coming together for us. Our offense is hitting the ball better than they have all year. This is right when we want it to be like that. Heading into the Big 12 tournament, we can take some momentum in there and hopefully we can win tomorrow and get a regional bid with a strong showing in the Big 12 tournament. Our goals don't end at the Big 12 tournament."

On pitching in 18 games as a freshman:

"It feels good. Coming in as a freshman, I wasn't really sure what my role was going to be. I wasn't sure when I was going to throw, or even if I was going to throw. The last few times out things have been going my way, and it's been fun. That's the most important thing is that we're having fun. Winning is a lot more fun than losing, and these last two games have been awesome. It's been great to see everybody come together."

On his fastball:

"It was definitely my best pitch. It seemed like whenever I was throwing my breaking ball it was getting hit well. About the third inning out I decided that I was going to stick with mostly fastballs, and it felt good. Whenever you have your good nights you feel like you can throw your fastball wherever you want to and nobody's going to hit it. That's what it felt like tonight."

Baylor freshman IF Raynor Campbell

On the team's performance:

"Putting the ball in play is what we're doing really well right now. We're not striking out a lot, and we're putting pressure on the fielders. Tonight they made three errors. When we get runners in scoring position we're doing a great job of getting them in. We're just doing a great job of cashing in when we get runners on base."

On the eight errors between the two teams:

"When you put the ball in play like we did tonight, they're going to make some errors. It's part of the game. They struggled in the field, but we did too. We just hit the ball a little better than they did tonight."

On clinching a spot in the Big 12 tournament:

"Coming in as a freshman, I want to know what it's like to go to the Big 12 tournament. Now I get a chance to do that, so I'm pretty excited. I think we deserve it. We just need to keep playing like we're playing, and I think we can win it."

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