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May 20, 2007

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Head Coach Steve Smith

On sweeping the weekend series:

"The first two games were as different as any two games we've had all year. We get that far down in the first game and come back and win it, and we haven't had a defensive game as poor as we had early in the game yesterday all year, but we found a way to win that one. Today we got a pretty solid game on all fronts. Wade (Mackey) did a good job on the mound, got through five innings, and then Jake (Weghorst), who has been in a funk, comes in and gives you four quality innings. I'm really happy for him. It's really gratifying to see a final series like this in which you not only win, but so many of your seniors make valuable contributions."

On the strong pitching from the bullpen all weekend:

"That will help the whole psyche from this point forward. I think our starters will bounce back, but there is some comfort and confidence in knowing that you've got some guys in the bullpen that have been throwing well of late."

On today's game:

"The guys did a good job running the bases today. They were playing back, and we were challenging their arms in the outfield. Those aren't all coaching decisions; a lot of those decisions are made by the runners themselves. When they're making good decisions, you know they're ready to play, and I quit worrying when I know they're ready to play."

On heading into the Big 12 tournament:

"Going into today, they had four games to play and four opportunities to play themselves into the next tournament. This was the first step, but I'm not worried about that. I'm just proud of the guys for at least putting themselves in this position. You always want to be playing your best at the end of the year. We've got a really young team and they're clearly playing their best baseball right now. That's all you can ask for."

On Matt Czimskey winning the Big 12 batting title:

"The catching and throwing part is what got him in the lineup. We started the year with he and Matt (Sodolak) pretty much alternating, but Matt Czimskey was just throwing people out right and left, and he was so accurate with his throws. Then he started hitting, and all of the sudden we're getting a little taste of (Kelly) Shoppach. He's giving you a lot of clutch hits, and with as young as we are in the lineup, and without having Aaron Miller in the lineup the last four weeks, that makes it even more amazing. He got his opportunity through catching and throwing, and then he made the most of it at the plate. It would've been nice to redshirt Czimskey, but I don't think we'd be where we are right now if we had done that."

Baylor sophomore OF Ben Booker

On sweeping the weekend series:

"I'm just glad our team got the sweep. That's huge for us, for our standings in the conference and to hopefully get a birth in a regional."

On going 4-for-4 today:

"I saw better quality pitches (hitting ninth), and I put a good swing on them. Hitting first I have to work to see what kinds of pitches they're throwing, but throughout the game I got to see how he was throwing everybody, so that helped me out."

On the team's performance:

"Our team is swinging the bat really well, and our pitching stepped up this weekend. As long as we play like that, we can play with anybody. I'm glad we're hot going into the tournament."

On heading into the Big 12 tournament:

"We're just going to focus on game to game, and hopefully we can just keep playing the way we are and things will work out in our favor."

Baylor senior C Matt Czimskey

On sweeping the weekend series:

"It's great, especially for us seniors, to come out here and sweep and put us in a good position for the Big 12 tournament."

On winning the Big 12 batting title:

"I'm just trying to put good swings on balls early in the count, and it's been working out."

Baylor freshman RHP Wade Mackey

On making his first career Big 12 start:

"More important than it being in the Big 12 was knowing that this was a must-win game for us in trying to make a regional. That was more on my mind. I tried not to change anything, to act the same as I had the last few games, prepare the same and hopefully pitch a good game."

On his performance:

"I threw mostly fastballs, but I threw a couple of good sliders when I needed them. I lost it a little bit (in the sixth inning), but I still felt fine."

On the team's performance:

"It was a completely different atmosphere the way we played these last three games. It has us on a roll and playing the way we need to be playing at the end of the year. If we can do something in the tournament this weekend, hopefully we can get to a regional after that."



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