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Postgame Quotes

May 20, 2009

Recap |  Box Score

Coach Steve Smith

On the game:

“I like the fact that we competed a lot better today. We had some bonehead plays early in that game. We try to throw a guy out at the plate that we have absolutely no play on—get an out and move on. We are late covering first and don’t get a call there, but we are late covering first. We were thrown out stealing on a 3-1 count, with a fastball right down the middle that our hitter takes. We don’t score from third on a ball that almost rolls completely to the backstop. Hitting covers a multitude of sins, and it did today.”

On Kendal Volz closing the game out:

“Having a guy with that kind of guy with that type of poise and maturity is the thing. (Other) guys can match his stuff, but it would be hard match his maturity and his experience and his ability to perform under the gun like that. He has closed out the Cubans, so he can close out the Longhorns.”

On Craig Fritsch:

“The reason I took Craig (Fritsch) out was because he was at 85 pitches. He hadn’t done that since Minute Maid. Texas had the 9-1-2 batters up coming up in that inning and I thought ‘let us start Kendal (Volz) with a fresh slate’. His (Fritsch) stuff was still really good, but he had done his part and got us to Kendal at a good time to get to him.”

On the importance of the win:

“A win right now is big because of the time of the year that it occurs and the venue that we are in. I think the fact that we have now beaten a team, one of the ones that we got swept by in the league; it has a little more significance.”



On the impact of the underclassmen on the team:

“They are young but they have quite a bit of experience under their belt right now. Joey (Hainsfurther) had a good day. The guy that is really impressing me right now is Don Lambert. He hasn’t had that many at-bats this season. I thought he handled himself really well against the right-handed and left-handed pitchers. He is also a plus for us in the outfield. He gives us a guy that can go and get a ball for us in centerfield. I like the way he competed.”

On facing Big 12 Pitcher of the Year, A.J. Morris:

“It is like being in an NCAA Regional Tournament. If you are going to get to Omaha that is what you are going to do, beat somebody’s ace. We have done it before. It won’t be the first time but it will be a challenge.”


Junior Dustin Dickerson

On having a eight-run inning in the sixth

“It felt really good and we really needed it at that time cause we were down by three or four there. So we needed a big inning to get us going and I think after that inning we had enough confidence and momentum that we knew we were probably going to win the game. It was huge.” 

On the inning helping Baylor get back on track

“I think so. I think we are going to feel good going into tomorrow and hopefully we will carry the momentum and win this thing, because we need to.


Junior Kendal Volz

On getting a win in the first game of the Big 12 Championship

“We knew that we had to win and that we needed to get wins. They are pretty important right now. I think the thing that people might not understand is every game we play we are pretty locked in and we are going out there trying our hardest, but some games don’t go your way that is just baseball. So coming into this game we know we are obviously going up against a good club. We got to play our best and capitalize on opportunities. I think that is one thing our hitters did today that really allowed us to win this ball game and got us back on the right track.”

On having a flashback to last summer when he was a closer for the National team

“Yeah a little bit. It is fun, some adrenaline going. I was just coming in trying to match Craig (Fritsch). Craig just really set the tone out there and not just for pitching and defense, but also for the hitters. It gave them far more confidence at the plate and allowed them to do what they do and not put any pressure on themselves and show how good of hitters they are.  


Sophomore Craig Fritsch

On the way he pitched today

“We had a plan going into the game with me, Kendal (Volz) and Logan (Verrett). When I went out there I knew my time and just got it done.”

On feeling Baylor’s fortunes change

“We had that big inning and that definitely helped me on the mound. Sometimes the ball just doesn’t go your way for us that inning it did. We hit the ball good and got the runs.”


Junior Raynor Campbell

On the importance of the win

“We needed it to go to a regional. The first game is definitely the most important of a tournament and definitely knocking off a one-seed as an eight-seed that is big time. You got to win the first game to win all four. It is a big step forward for us.”

On the resiliency of the team

“I think getting out early and scoring runs gave us a little confidence at the plate: knowing that we can score runs and we are a good hitting team. We had a lot of quality at bats, just putting the ball in play. (Brooks) Kimmey comes up there and hits a sac fly that comes up huge for us. We just had a lot of really key at-bats today and a little confidence early is what got us through.”

On having confidence early

“I just think it is through hard work. We have been scuffling and there is only one-way to get out of it: through hard work. We work hard everyday and take extra bp (batting practice) and take extra ground balls to do what we can to get out of the hole. You just build it through hard work.”

On getting the eight-run inning started by getting hit by a pitch

“I took a real good swing on a first pitch fastball, so I was thinking there was no way he was going to throw me another one of those, so I was looking curveball and he threw me a change-up. So it was really slow and I was waiting for it to break, waiting for it to break and it never broke. It ended up hitting me on the shoulder blade, didn’t feel real great. It doesn’t feel real great right now, but it sparked an inning for us and got us an eighth run inning, so I will take it every time.”

On the momentum an eight run inning creates

“I have been on both sides of it and when you are on defense it is like you know what is coming every pitch, but on the offensive side it is real fun whenever you get into a groove like that and can put a lot of runs on the board in a hurry.” 



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