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Postgame Quotes: Oklahoma 5, Baylor 4

May 20, 2011

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Head Coach Steve Smith

On Josh Turley:
"I just think he's getting better. I thought it was a really good effort because he had to hold them. They (Oklahoma) got a big lift with that home run. He hadn't really made any bad pitches, and we were able to make a play to spoil the triple. I think he retired everybody after the triple; he had about 13 or 14 in a row, which made the decision to pull him out a little more difficult than normal. I had good reasons for doing it."

On the reasons for putting in Max Garner:
"(Ricky) Eisenberg had hit him (Turley) hard twice. (Tyler) Ogle's a good player; I wasn't fixing to let him see [Turley] for a fourth time. (Garrett) Buechele hit the ball out of the park. They hadn't seen Max. None of those guys faced him yesterday, and he threw less than 20 pitches yesterday. Max has been tremendous for us, and the thing I want to see out of him, and I know I'm going to get this, is I'm going to get his heart every time he goes out there. That's really all I care about. I know what he's been through, and I know when he goes out there I'm going to get the best he's got. I know tonight that this might be the one guy that will hurt more than me. This will hurt him, and that will only make him better."

On bouncing back from the loss:
"The players are incredibly resilient. They will get over it. This one hurt them. I don't talk to them after every game, but I just went out there and I didn't have a whole lot to say, but `Hey man, you played well. Flush it and let's play tomorrow.' You have got a chance to win the series tomorrow. I think going into the weekend if you said you were going into Sunday with a chance to win the series, I think I would have taken it. It never quits hurting. There is no magic year in which you quit caring."

Sophomore Pitcher Josh Turley

On his career high nine strikeouts:
"To be honest, I was just trying to make pitches. Staying down in the zone really helped out a lot. Most of the strikeouts came on change-ups, which is my best pitch. They were just swinging over it. And I was just trying to keep them off-balance, like I always do. I felt really good, for the most part. I wasn't really trying to strike them out. I was just pitching to the bat most of the time."

On pitching after allowing a home run:
"I knew it was a rough inning from the get-go. The first guy singled on a 1-2 pitch and just didn't get my pitch where it needed to be. And then the walk and then the home run. I knew as soon as I threw that pitch that it was a mistake, and I knew he was probably going to be sitting on it, so I was trying to get it down. After that inning, coach came over to me and he just told me, `Everybody has their bad innings. That was yours, so just go out there and keep doing what you're doing.' So I did."

On the team's offense:
"Our offense has been really good lately. We've been pitching ahead most of the time. Tonight, it was great to see that we can come back, even from three runs down. Just to have that confidence in your offense, to know that they're going to do something for you. They put four runs on the board, we thought we had the game won, but it is what it is."

Sophomore Third Baseman Jake Miller:

On his home run:
"I'm just looking to see the ball up. We knew the starting pitcher tonight threw a lot of fastballs. We were going to attack it."

On bouncing back from the loss:
"Our mentality is flush it. We can still win the series tomorrow. You can't win them all. It hurts, but that's what we're going to do. We're going to flush it and come out tomorrow. It's a new day, and we're going to take the series."

On Josh Turley's performance:
"Josh has been very consistent. He's been a great starting pitcher. He gave us eight strong innings. I actually thought he was going to come back out in the ninth. But we're confident in Max. Props to Turley, he threw a heck of a game."



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