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Postgame Quotes: Baylor 3, Oklahoma 2

May 21, 2011

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Head Coach Steve Smith

On the game:
"It is always gratifying when you win and it's always gratifying when you beat a good club. Oklahoma is a good team. They have got a lot of options over there. They ran a bunch of different guys at us. We had a bunch of guys through the course of the weekend do some things they haven't been doing this year."

On Josh Ludy's game-winning hit:
"The call that was hard to make was letting Ludy swing. You have got a good right-handed slider out there, so you just got a double play waiting to happen. We have suicide bunted a few times. We can push bunted a few times. He has the bat pretty well, but Hoot (Coach Steve Johnigan) wanted to let him swing and that's what happened."

On Trent Blank's game:
"He handled the delay well. He had to deal with that at TCU a couple of weeks ago, so I was really comfortable with sending him back out there."

On the decision to play the game after the rain delay:
"They game for them in terms of standings is basically meaningless. For us a tie was the same as a win in the standings. It is not in the mind. I thought if we had a chance to play this thing, let's play it and win it or lose it and now just have something handed to us. We have earned fifth place. I am not too proud to say. That's ok. This league is good and if we are the fifth place team in this league then we will take it."

On if the win gives his team an NCAA bid:
"In my opinion, yes. This is the way I see this: right now we are clearly the fifth place team in this league, our RPI is going to be plenty good enough, our wins against the top-25 and top-50 are going to be as good as anybody's. I don't think anybody should go to a conference tournament and lose their bid. You go to conference tournament's to gain bid's not lose them. Historically, the two biggest criteria is where you finish in your league and RPI and I think both of those we have got in our corner."

Junior Catcher Josh Ludy

On his approach on the game-winning hit:
"I came up last night and faced that guy. He started me off with a slider and so with a runner at third I knew that was probably what I was going to get. I thought I took a pretty good hack at it and fouled it off. I felt like with the hack I took I was going to get a fastball on the next pitch. I luckily got it and was able to put a good swing on it." On what he was thinking when he saw he teammates running to congratulate him:
"There is nothing better in the world than to see that. The adrenaline was going and it was great." On bouncing back from last night's game:
"I lost a lot of sleep last night over that game. I had a chance to drive in a run and tie it up and didn't get it done. Luckily, I got a chance to redeem myself today." On how important this series win was:
"It is great. We feel like we are peaking right at the right time. Our starting pitching has been great. The bats just game alive at the right time. That is really what we needed heading into the postseason."

Junior Pitcher Trent Blank

On his performance:
"I just kept the same mindset: competing and trying to throw strikes. Letting them put it in play and letting my defense work. (Josh) Ludy did a great job calling the game today and we stuck in there."

On bouncing back after last night's loss:
"It was amazing. The good thing is we have built up a lot of momentum and we are going to the Big 12 (Championship) with a lot of confidence. I think it is going to be a lot of fun."

Junior Left Fielder Dan Evatt

On his home run:
"It was a fastball right down the middle and I just turned on it. It felt good. I got all of that one."

On getting a win after last night's loss:
"It is so sweet. Last night, we could have easily won too. To turn it around today and to come out and deal with the circumstances, it is a big momentum booster for us. We are feeling good right now and we are ready to get up to Oklahoma."

On the team's recent success:
"I think possibly it is just believing in ourselves and playing confidently. If one guy has a tough day, the next guy is stepping up and being at his best."



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