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Postgame Quotes

May 23, 2009

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Coach Steve Smith

On the game

“Clearly for us this was a very challenging game mentally and emotionally. Coming off the initial high of beating Texas to go through a very emotionally charged game with Kansas State and come up short, and then have to take a day off and turnaround and play what in terms of this event is a meaningless game. I thought our guys did a great job of just coming out, having fun and playing.”


On the significance of closing the tournament with a win

“In terms of ending this tournament with a win, I think it was really important. The strengths of our resume when we got here were RPI, wins against the top 100. We did not hurt that at all here. I think we helped it. The committee, I am sure, will look at our last 10 to 15 games and that is going to raise some eyebrows, but I think this and this is what I would say to them were they here, if our season was flip flopped, no change in record, no change in who we beat, anything like that, just played in reverse, we are a slam dunk. Therefore, I think that you got to look at the body of work. If the beginning of the season is not important why play it? That is how I feel about it. I think we have earned it. I don’t think we are asking for anything. I think we have clearly earned it.”




On beating Kansas consistently over the past decade

“That won’t happen very much longer. They are so much better pitching wise than they have ever been. They just improved on the mound immensely I think, so that day will be over. We took some good swings today. I am sure it through a monkey in their plans when Robbie (Price) had to go out of the game. Whoever is pitching is not going to be in there too long. They are going to have to hit for him when they put the DH in the game. The guys that threw were pretty impressive. I kept looking up there and they kept running one arm after another up there and they are fresh arms and they are throwing it good. That is the difference between this year’s version of Kansas and any other year that I can remember is that he (Kansas coach Ritch Price) has really got some good arms and more than just a couple of them.”


On pitching in the Big 12

“I think for all of us, for all of us here we are as good as we pitch. The game is about pitching. When we don’t win, we don’t pitch.  Our team ERA right now is something in the fives. You are not going to win with that. You are not going to hit your way to a championship. So when we pitch well, when we are effective on the mound we are a good club and when we are not effective on the mound we are just like everybody else, but in this league not like everybody else, because the pitching in the league is so good. I just think we did not match up consistently throughout the conference pitching wise, but I think that is a credit to the league. I think the league is really, really strong.“


On whether he considered walking Tony Thompson in the seventh inning

“We had a base open, second base. I considered walking him with the bases loaded and I would have preferred that. He is swinging it very good. He has got a lot of pop in his bat and the park is playing small to that side. You got to make him hit the ball to the deep part of the field. We just made the wrong pitch at the wrong spot and he hit it. Kendal (Volz) came in and when he faced him he pitched to the park. Kendal did not have great stuff. Kendal just pitched. He has got experience. He has got some command and some savvy about him. He (Thompson) got a pretty decent swing at it, but he hit it to dead center almost, so it stayed in the park. We were going to try to not to give him anything that he could pull and hit out of the park.”


Junior Shaver Hansen

On what the win means to the team

“We came and swung the bat well against Texas and we swung well today. I thought Jon (Rigenberg) who hadn’t really got a start against a Big 12 team did awesome today. He gave up that great slam, but that was the only bad pitch that I thought he threw. He came in and threw strikes and filled it up, so that is another positive. But as far as going into a regional our goal is the same: just keep going. All we got to do is get in and I think we can.”  




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