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May 24, 2007

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Head Coach Steve Smith

On Jeff Mandel's performance:

"How enjoyable it was to see Jeff throw as well as he did; for a lot of reasons. He was very, very good, and he had to be because their guy was also very good. It was a really good game, particularly for the time of day. Maybe that says something about the youth of today; these guys are at their best at 12:30 in the morning. Both clubs played really well."

On the game being delayed until 10:40 p.m.:

"I'm glad we're not playing (tomorrow). Given that, the late hour was not that big of a deal. We were really fortunate to get the games in based on what the weather forecast was. We'll get out of the hotel tomorrow and we'll hit. Everyone's throwing number ones at us the rest of the way, so we'll have our hands full."

On winning four games in a row:

"We're playing our best baseball at the end of the year, but from an offensive standpoint, we didn't just tear it up tonight. We got a few good swings in, and they did too. They've got a very dangerous club offensively, but we bounced back fairly well."

On the team's performance:

"This goes unnoticed sometimes, but Shaver (Hansen) kicked one early in the game and then winds up making a play to end the first inning. Those are the things that make baseball games and make baseball players; the ability to respond and the ability to bounce back. That's just the nature of the game. You're going to have mistakes. In spite of the fact that we're getting better offensively and that we're playing pretty solid defense, we're only as good as our pitching. Tonight our pitching was very good."


Baylor senior RHP Jeff Mandel

On pitching against a team he gave up 10 runs against earlier in the season:



"It was good to get another chance. You kind of hope for those things when something happens like it did in Stillwater. Even last week I had a bad outing, so today was just to kind of prove myself, and it was good to bounce back."

On the team's defense:

"I've had great infielders behind me the whole year. Shaver and Beamer have been great. Even when we get guys on I can work a ground ball and get double plays, so I just try to keep the ball down and keep my slider in the zone."

On how he bounced back from a bad outing in his previous start:

"I've had some experience (bouncing back from a bad outing). After the game in Stillwater, I got to bounce back against Oklahoma, so I kind of knew what I needed to do coming in. I took my time and got ready."

On playing such a late game:

"We're up late like that every night. A lot of us have played in tournaments where it's just baseball around the clock, so we're used to it."


Baylor senior C Matt Czimskey

On Oklahoma State starting pitcher Joe Kent:

"He was doing a good job keeping the ball down in the zone and mixing it up. He had a really good curveball that a lot of us were having trouble seeing."

On his seventh inning home run that gave Baylor a 1-0 lead:

"I had a couple of at bats I would like to take back. He snuck a fastball by me early in the count, so I went up there thinking if he was going to try to throw it again I'm going to hit it, so I took a good swing at it. I hit it pretty well."


Baylor freshman IF Shaver Hansen

On his two-run seventh inning home run:

"He gave me the pitch to hit, and I'm glad I did because I messed up on the signs (earlier in the at bat). Dustin (Dickerson) got a really good jump (attempting to steal second base), and I swung and fouled a ball off when he would've probably had an easy stolen bag. That's something I should've been aware of, and it was my mistake. I guess it's best to hit a home run in a situation like that, but I still got a good stare down from coach (Steve) Johnigan at third base before I went back into the plate, and I heard about it in the dugout."

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