Postgame Quotes

May 23, 2008

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Baylor head coach Steve Smith:

On tonight's game:

"He's (Oklahoma State LHP Andrew Oliver) as good as any left hander that's been in the league for a long time. Our guys were competing extremely well. Opponents came in hitting slightly over .200 against him, and we were able to get some hits, but we just could not do anything really successfully on the mound. I'm willing to give them quite a bit of credit for that because they do have some pretty good offensive players, and this is an offensive night here, particularly for the right-handed hitters with that wind blowing out. You're not going to win many baseball games giving up 18 hits."


Baylor senior CF Paul Miles:

On bouncing back from losing tonight's game:

"As Aaron (Miller) said, we've got to pull for Nebraska, and then come out there and just lay everything on the line. This could be my last game in a Baylor uniform and in baseball altogether, and you've just got to come out there with a little bit of fire in your guy, lay it on the line and leave it on the field. We've got a great chance at it."




On Oklahoma State LHP Andrew Oliver:

"He's good. He came out and threw mostly fastballs, but he's spotting and locating, and the guy's pretty good. You've just got to get in there and battle with him. We did a pretty good job at that, but we didn't do much. Things just didn't go our way and we couldn't cash in some of those runs."


Baylor sophomore RF Aaron Miller:

On losing tonight's game:

"It's definitely a little bit of a downer, but coach said in our meeting that right now everything is evened up between everybody in our group; anybody has a chance to make it to Sunday from our side. Everybody's going to need a little help to get where everybody wants to go, so (we will) pull for Nebraska tomorrow and then hopefully come out here and take care of Kansas State, and then we'll be there on Sunday."

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