Postgame Quotes (Baylor 8, Oklahoma 3)

May 28, 2010

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Head Coach Steve Smith

On the game and the Baylor pitching:
"(Zach) Neal has really good secondary stuff. He pitches backwards a lot. I think we got some timely hits and the game is all about timely hitting. (Oklahoma) left nine guys on base and we left three. The big difference in the game was our ability to strand runners and Craig (Fritsch) being able to pitch out of (jams). Prior to the two-run homerun, they only run that they had scored came on a ball in the dirt. I thought (Fritsch) got better as he went along. I loved the way he responded to the two-run homerun, punching the next guy out. He had quality stuff. His velocity was good and his location was good. It was hard to take him out of the game. The only reason we could is because of who we have available (Logan Verrett). It is amazing how some things work out. The rain helped us the other day. It afforded us the opportunity to do this."

On the win and being able to rest players on Saturday:
"Tomorrow's game is probably the most fun game I'll ever coach. It is kind of like Christmas where you get to be the nice guy (to your players). Some guys are going to play tomorrow that haven't played in so long that they are going to love this. It is going to be cool."

On the focus for Saturday's game against Kansas:
"We are going to rest guys that need to rest. Because we have the late game, we've got to turn around and play early on Sunday. Whoever I can rest, I will. From a pitching standpoint, this is a great opportunity to get some guys some experience in this arena. There are not any games in college baseball that you just look at as purely development - tomorrow will be. I think that is why it will be fun. I like that aspect of coaching and baseball. Tomorrow is a game. We will play very hard and very well. Winning will not be the complete focus in that game."

Sophomore RHP Logan Verrett

On clinching a spot in the Championship game on Sunday:
"Our job is not done yet -we will be dog piling on Sunday. We know that we still have two more games to play and one very important game come Sunday. We are extremely happy that we won today, but we are not going to celebrate too soon."

On what it means to play for the conference championship:
"It is a first for me. I know I have only been here twice, but it is definitely going to be a great experience. We know that our job is not done yet. We are extremely happy and extremely satisfied with our performance tonight and locking up our shot to play for the championship, but we still know that we have a ways to go."

On what was working for him on the mound:
"Pretty much everything. I was able to locate the fastball and the slider and the changeup when I needed to. Craig (Fritsch) had thrown a great game going into that when I had come into the game, really the only run he had given up was on a pass ball before that two-run homerun. Craig was just lights out he was able to strand runners. I was just trying to follow up his performance."

On the team's defensive play:
"It makes it a lot easier to go up there and pitch whenever you have that defense behind you. That play that Max Muncy made leaning into the stands and catching that foul ball just shows you the heart and determination we have. We know that we have a real good shot if we keep playing the way we are to win a conference championship and making a good run in the postseason."

Junior RHP Craig Fritsch

On what it means to play for the conference championship:
"It is great to playing for that now. We got questions asked like, `Why didn't y'all dog pile, but obviously we are not done yet. We want to finish with a dog pile on Sunday. It will be nice. It is going to be fun playing for that."

On his performance:
"I didn't have great location tonight, but I did have a bunch of pitching working, so I was able to compete and I had defense behind me. One of the key things tonight was just the two-out hits."

On the team's defense:
"There has been some outstanding plays, just like tonight with (Max) Muncy going into the crowd and getting that ball. Plays like that have just been helping us quite a bit."

Senior 2B Raynor Campbell

On scoring eight, two-out runs:
"We were relentless at the plate. We don't need three outs to score runs, we only need one. We had several guys go up to the plate and give us quality at-bats. Sometimes those things snowball and we were able to put some runs up with two outs tonight. It was big."

On the Baylor pitching staff:
"It is going to be great (to play A&M for the Big 12 Championship), especially for my senior year. At the end of the game I told our players that weren't here my freshman year that we played A&M in the championship game - now it is our turn (to win). Hopefully we are going to come out with some fight and some fire and take that game from them."



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