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Baylor-LSU Postgame Quotes

May 30, 2009

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Head Coach Steve Smith


On the game:

"I think we were all treated to two teams that had players that gave us a great effort. I don't know how to put words to what (Anthony) Ranaudo did tonight. I would call him a stallion. I thought it was a tremendous effort on his part. I say that because I think our guys gave every bit the same effort. I was extremely proud of the way that we played and competed. It is a great experience and great venue to have this type of game in. It literally was a game of inches."


On the pitching situation for Sunday:

"I think right now that I will start Jon Ringenberg in the first game and we will go from there. I think (the guys that pitched tonight) will be off on of the list for tomorrow. Everybody else will be okay."


On the Baylor pitching:

"I think they were making a lot of good pitches in the game. The top of the LSU order is very potent. Our pitchers were trying to make good pitches and to not leave something over the plate. They took a all or nothing approach. They were trying to be careful and I think that led to some of the walks tonight. I thought Shawn got us off to a good start. The only reason it was a game is because we were able to get out of some innings throughout the game. Other than that, it isn't the classic it turned out to be. I thought we got good mileage out of everyone that went out there."


On Anthony Ranaudo:

"I believe I referred to him as a stallion. He did the state of New Jersey proud. I thought he was outstanding. We went into the game knowing that he has great stuff. Our game plan was to get his pitch count up early enough in the game where he couldn't stand out there for nine innings and throw 130 pitches. He didn't walk us early."


SS Shaver Hansen


On Anthony Ranaudo:

"He came out with his best stuff and he is a great pitcher. He located his fastball. He blew it by us a few times early on, but we started to catch up. We took some good hacks, but when a pitcher is on, it is tough to beat. Our pitchers were amazing too, they matched him pitch for pitch."


RHP Kendal Volz


On the 10th inning:

"I was just trying to get outs and I ended up walking some guys on some close pitches. I tried to get a ground ball and (Sean) Ochinko got that base hit off of the bat, it just went to the right spot. They are a good hitting team and we knew that coming in. You have to give them a lot of credit. You have to make pitches and sometimes things go that way."


On bouncing back from the loss:

"If anything it shows us that we took their best punch right now. We just need to make sure that we take care of business tomorrow at one o'clock so we are able to get another shot at them. It is all or nothing now, we have to win every game from here on out."



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