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Postgame Quotes

June 2, 2007

Recap |  Box Score

Head Coach Steve Smith

On today's performance:

"Obviously the key for us today, as it will be for the next couple of days, is our starting pitching. We got a good effort out of Tim (Matthews) - not just in terms of the outcome, but the number of pitches and the length of the game that he was able to get into. The key for us was Shaver's two-out double off the left-hander when he came in. That extended the lead to 7-1 and that did affect the pitching decisions after that. We got through this game pitching-wise as well as we could have."

On his reasons for starting Tim Matthews:

"One was experience. In this environment and this situation, that's very valuable. The other was his ability to control the running game were that to become a factor. It didn't become too much of a factor today because they didn't get too many base runners on. His command - he's going to throw strikes. We didn't need to get in a situation where we're walking those guys because they will turn those things into really big innings."

On his pitching staff:

"Tim's seven (innings) were just what the doctor ordered. We've kind of laid out to our players what our plans will be, but obviously those plans are only as good as the players that are out there doing them. Tim did his job. He took the ball, went out there and pitched strikes, and he stayed out of big innings."

On attempting more stolen bases than usual:

"We need to be a running team. We've got about four or five guys who are very athletic and can run, and you're not going to learn how to do that if you don't do it. We were thrown out a couple of times yesterday. (Chase) Gerdes got thrown out yesterday running on his own. He had the green light, but he picked a really bad time to use it. They guessed right twice yesterday, but a lot of that has to do with their pitchers on the mound and their ability to stop the running game. Neither team that we've played so far is very good at that, so you've seen us attempt it quite a bit."



On the play in the eighth inning when Prairie View A&M batted out of order:

"I can understand how it happened. They were using so many pinch hitters, and I was just keeping the chart myself. I saw it, and I double checked it with the guys around me. I thought the rule was that he had to complete the at bat, so that's why we waited. That didn't cost them the ballgame. It probably kept (Cliff) Springston in the game, and it affected our pitching a little bit."

On what it will take to come back and win the regional:

"We've come through a four-team loser's bracket tournament in our 2003 conference tournament. I've seen it, and it takes guys like Tim (Matthews) who don't normally throw seven innings, and they do it. We've laid it out, and it can be done, but the other teams are going to try to keep it from happening. Whoever we play tomorrow is going to be a good club. I learned several years ago that any time two good teams play, one good team loses, and there's no way to avoid it. We're going to do our part to not be that team that loses."


Baylor freshman 2B Shaver Hansen

On his four-hit performance:

"I feel confident up there, and I'm just seeing the ball, hitting the ball, and trying not to make it as hard as it should be."

On the team's performance:

"You'd love to get ahead early because that always puts the pressure on the opposing team, but we were patient at the plate. We didn't chase too many balls, and we had a lot of timely hits. A `W' is a `W', and however we can get it is great."

On his seventh-inning two-run double:

"I had to switch on the other side of the plate and bat right-handed after battling left-handed all day. He was working me away and then he came inside. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, just something over the plate that I could drive and hit it well."



Baylor senior C Matt Czimskey

On Tim Matthews's performance:

"He did a good job of going out there and throwing strikes for us. We really wanted him to go six today, and he went seven. Not only did he go seven, but he did a good job. He was working early in the count, getting ahead of batters, and throwing a lot of fastballs that seemed to work out really well. He had good command of his fastball in and out, and he threw the ball well."

On Prairie View A&M:

"They have a good team. We knew coming into the game that we couldn't just come in and win, especially after playing them last time and barely beating them with a late home run. We came out with a little more of a let's go right now approach. They're a good team."


Baylor junior RHP Tim Matthews

On his performance:

"It was nice to get out there; I enjoyed starting last year. In the same regional I got a spot start as well. We needed to go out there and have a good game to save the bullpen and the pitchers we have left. In terms of confidence, our guys play really good defense behind me, so I was just going out there and throwing a lot of strikes to let the defense work for me, and that was a big confidence factor."

On if he was nervous heading into the game:

"The nerves were pretty settled, and I wasn't too nervous out there. I started quite a bit last year and it felt good to get out there again. I like starting, and after you throw the first pitch the nerves kind of settle away. Before the game it was kind of exciting, but after that first pitch it's game time."

On when he found out he would be starting today's game:

"I found out last night. After losing yesterday, we knew that in order for us to win this thing it was going to take quite a few arms. Coach (Chris) Clemons called me last night and told me that the coaches talked and they made the decision to go ahead and let me get the start. They told me it was pretty important for me to step up, and I was excited to take the challenge."

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