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Postgame Quotes: Baylor 6, California 4

June 3, 2011

Recap |  Box Score

Head Coach Steve Smith

Opening Statement:
"I thought that we got really exceptional starting pitching out of Logan (Verrett), which is the key to any game. I thought we played well defensively, executed well offensively. We had a couple of big time plays as did they. To me the game had the feel of a basketball game. I couldn't help, but think about the game last night, Mavericks and Heat, with them being up like they were with six minutes to go. You just knew that at some point they (California) were going to make a run and they did and we weathered it and we got the win."

On if he was thinking about tomorrow when deciding to leave Logan Verrett in the game:
"Not so much tomorrow. He was still throwing good and yes it was warm, but I think he would say we have played in something a little hotter than this. We had a little breeze working today. He didn't have a lot of tough innings. We had the inning where we don't catch a fly ball that stretched that one out a little bit, but I was basically trying to let the game tell me which way to go. I thought when the three-hole guy got the last hit, obviously the four-hole guy had been really swinging it good. I wanted to give him a new look and that's why we did that."

On the offense executing at the beginning of the game:
"It sets the tone. Obviously, the game is setup where you have got two really good guys going, two strong right-handers. I think clearly he (Erik Johnson) did haven't his best day command-wise, but we still had to execute. The thing that is most impressive to me about what we did offensively today was we did it without Max Muncy. If you had told me going in that Muncy was going to leave the bases loaded twice and we were going to score six runs and win, I wouldn't have believed that. He has carried us so many times and he just had a bad day today. I think it should be encouraging to everybody to know we can win when Max has a bad day."



On his level of concern in the final inning:
"The only thing I would have changed about this game is I felt like we did a little bit of the Heat. We just blinked a few times too many. They are not going to quit. Nobody that is playing this time of the year is going to quit. You just have to keep going out there and playing it a pitch at a time and try to minimize your mistakes."

Junior Pitcher Logan Verrett

On the team's defense:
"I think that is a lot of the reason I was able to go 7.1 innings. The defense behind me was spectacular today. (There was) Jake's (Miller) diving catch at third, (Logan) Vick's diving catch in center, a timely 5-4-3 double play. Everything was just phenomenal. We were throwing runners out at the plate. I think I owe a lot of my quick innings to that."

On the California hitters:
"They (California) were kind of an interesting hitting club to where they were taking big hacks early and then they were really disciplined with two strikes. It was almost like you had to fool them early in the count with an off-speed pitch and let them swing at it and get themselves out. I didn't have a lot of strikeouts today, but with the defense playing behind me I didn't need any."

On if Cal's approach at the plate and his defense changed his mindset:
"It does make you a little more confident. I feel like being able to attack with fastballs is a little easier, because if they put it in play odds are the play is going to made, especially with how the defense was being played behind me today."

Junior Catcher Josh Ludy

On Cal Towey's throw to the plate that got the final out of the eighth inning:
"I didn't have to move a step Cal made a really great throw. I think if it was a split-second later I am probably hung out to dry there, but he did a great job getting the ball to me."

On Logan Vick's catches:
"That one today going backwards might have beat his one at TCU going back over the wall. He was fully outstretched going back. That is an unbelievable catch. Anytime somebody does that, I look at Logan (Verrett) and just give him a little smile. We know we have a great defense working behind us."

On the Baylor hitters approach at the plate:
"Coming into the game we knew he (Erik Johnson) had a chance to walk a lot of guys, so I thought we did a really good job of being patient with him. We put some good swings on balls."

Sophomore Centerfielder Logan Vick

On his diving catch in the seventh:
"Off the bat I just took off running and about the time that I jumped to when I hit the ground I don't remember anything. I just remember getting up and the ball was in my glove. When I dive for a ball I honestly don't know what is going on from the time I leave my feet until I hit the ground. It was pretty exciting. I am just glad I could make two diving catches."

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