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Postgame Quotes: Baylor 3, Rice 2

June 4, 2011

Recap |  Box Score

Head Coach Steve Smith

Opening Statement:
"I think we were all treated to an outstanding game. Both guys were just really on top of their games on the mound. I think it was just a great, great game. It is one that we can now have with the bats. I think that has something to do with the scores we are seeing and the closeness of these games and the pitchers being able to have the kind of success they are having."

On the game:
"Yesterday, I thought we got caught up in the run early and hit an emotional wall. Today, I thought we did a good job of handling that even though we scored early. I think Rice did enough to keep us in the game. We didn't really have a lot of easy 1-2-3s. There were guys on and we had to turn some double plays."

On Brooks Pinckard:
"This year he is learning how to play the game fast. When you have a young pitcher on the mound that (pitching with runners on) is probably the part of the game that he (Austin Kubitza) is least comfortable with. I doubt he has had a whole lot of runners on in his life. When you get somebody out there with that kind of speed it has got the defenders aware."

On if Brooks Pinckard will pitch tomorrow:
"I think so. I got him up in the ninth inning of this game. He went to the bullpen and got ready just in case. I don't think that will have any impact on tomorrow, so that is probably what we will do, but I will wait and see."

Sophomore Pitcher Josh Turley

On his complete game effort:
"I felt great tonight. All my pitches were working for the most part until late in the game when I started to wear down a little bit. I had seen all the hitters before pretty much. There are a few new faces, but I just tried to attack and be aggressive and let our defense work and it worked for us."

On what he was feeling in the latter part of the game:
"I was thinking in the back of my mind, after the seventh inning after they scored the two runs that that was it. I came in and I was down on myself, but then he (Coach Steve Smith) came over and asked me how I felt. My arm was a little tired, but I wasn't going to tell him that. I sucked it up and went out there and made pitches."

On inducing double plays:
"I think all season my out-pitch to right-handers has been my changeup. It looks exactly like a fastball and the sink on it gets them out in front of it a little bit. Every double play that I got today was on a changeup. That was definitely big for us. It was in spots that we needed it. I needed it, because I was a little tired. We all wanted to win this game so bad. All our emotions were left on the field and we got the job done."

On tomorrow's game:
"We have a chance to make it one step closer, but we are not going to go in thinking we have this won already, because it's not. Baseball is not that way. You cannot go in thinking you are going to win. That is just not always the case. We are going to go in with the mindset we have had these past few days and play our best baseball. Brooks (Pinckard) is going to give us another great performance tomorrow."

Sophomore First Baseman Max Muncy

On how scoring early helps the team:
"I think it's comfortable for our pitchers if we give them some runs to work with, whereas if they make a mistake, they don't have to beat themselves up because of it. The problem is, though, we get those runs early in the game and then we don't get any later in the game. Today, though, I thought we were ready to get runs in any inning."

On his first-inning double:
"It felt really good. Yesterday was a frustrating day. I had the bases loaded twice and I didn't get a single run in. It was very frustrating, so when I got that first hit today, it was almost like a piano got lifted off my shoulders."



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