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Postgame Quotes: California 8, Baylor 0

June 6, 2011

Recap |  Box Score

Head Coach Steve Smith

Opening Statement:
"I think Cal showed a tremendous, tremendous amount of heart to do what they did today. In these tournaments it seems every year for a team to really excel someone has to do something they haven't done before and I thought that is what their starter did today. I can moan and groan about some of the at-bats we took, but I think you have to give him (Kyle Porter) an immense amount of credit. He pitched extremely well."

On Brooks Pinckard:
"I thought Brooks was his (Porter) equal. Brooks gave us a chance. He just threw strikes for the most part. They don't strikeout a ton. They are a really, really good club with two strikes. They put the ball in play and we were playing decent behind him, making whatever few plays we had to make. He did a good job. He worked hard. They fouled off a ton of balls. It got his pitch count to where it was going to be tough to get him much deeper in the game."

On his team:
"We didn't execute anything in this game. On the few chances we got we couldn't get a bunt down. We just didn't do a good job offensively and it would have taken a good job today, because we got very few opportunities."

On if he feels good about tomorrow:
"I do. There is no reason not to. They pitched it extremely well today. They played exactly like they look on the stat sheet. They did exactly what they have been doing. We did pretty close to what we have been doing statistically for about seven innings then we had some plays that were out of the ordinary. It doesn't matter if you lose 8-0 or 1-0 it is a loss."

Sophomore Third Baseman Jake Miller

On the team's outlook:
"We are going to flush it. There is nothing we can do about it now. We are going to come out tomorrow and act like this never happened."

On Kyle Porter's effectiveness:
"He pounded the strike zone and he had three pitches that were working for him. It kept us off-balance. When you are not balanced and you've got three pitches to choose from it makes it difficult. I feel like we chased a little bit out of the zone tonight. That makes it even harder."

Junior Pitcher Brooks Pinckard

On what was working well for him:
"I felt like my changeup got me out of a couple of situations. I didn't really have my slider today. Location-wise I couldn't really throw it for a strike. The defense played great behind me and as a pitcher that is what you like." On the pitch that he gave up the homerun on:
"I was just trying to go fastball in and just left it over the plate too much. Hat off to him, but I definitely missed my spot on that one."



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