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Postgame Quotes: California 9, Baylor 8

June 7, 2011

Recap |  Box Score

Head Coach Steve Smith

Opening Statement:
"I was extremely proud of our guys on a lot of fronts. I thought that they really, really came together as a team more the last couple of days. That has absolutely nothing to do with much that went on on the field, most of what I am talking about is in the dugout after at-bats and after innings. It is a very painful game. It is a very, very painful loss. Both teams played very hard. Both teams competed. Obviously, we are going to have some guys that are going to have some sleepless nights. That is just a part of college athletics and athletics in general that honestly can't be duplicated in the classroom. This too shall pass."

On how he looks at the season:
"I know I look at it differently than the players. For some of our players there is no next year. For them there is such a finality to this thing that it is difficult. Even the ones coming back, I think right now are going to have a real hard time thinking about next year. Now me as a coach, I always think about next year. I think there is much to look forward to next year for me and for the guys that are coming back."

On if the team can learn from the experience:
"Will it make us better baseball players? I hope so. I can't help but think it will make you a better man. Nobody died tonight. I mean nobody died, but it is pretty darn painful. It is a rich pain and it is expensive experience."

On if the defense in the ninth inning baffles him:
"It does baffle me. I understand it. When you get to that point in the ballgame, defense is really where you have to slow down. It is a conscious thing to do. You just relax. Offense is reactionary. You can try to do too much offensively and maybe get away with it. Defensively, you just have to stay composed and just play the game like it was the first inning of the game. It was the circumstances that changed it."



Junior Designated Hitter Joey Hainsfurther

On his double that scored two runs:
"It was an 0-2 count. I knew it was deep enough to be a sac fly, so that is what I thought it was at first. It carried a little farther than I expected and it turned out to be a big hit."

On the end of the game:
"Coach had talked to us the past couple of games about how these postseason games are like a basketball game. It doesn't matter who scores first and honestly it doesn't matter how many runs you get up. It is just like a basketball game. People can come back from all kinds of leads. Nobody is going to give up. Nobody is going to give in and everybody is going to be fighting. That is exactly what Cal did. They left everything on the field and they were fighting to their last strike. When they got their big hit we were down to one strike and that kid came through. Hats off to him for being composed and being able to come through for his team."

On what he told Logan Verrett after the game:
"He is obviously a big leader on our team and he was struggling after that last hit. He is one of my good friends and I just told him, `Man, that is not on you. It is not on anybody.' I just told him that I was proud of him that he came out there on such short rest. He was throwing 94 and he threw a 90 mph slider. That is not because his arm feels good that is because he was digging deep in his heart and doing whatever he could to try to get us a win. I mean he did. He tried as hard as he could. He wanted it just as bad as anybody on this team. I just told him, `Man, I am proud of you and there isn't anything you can be upset about, because you gave it all and that is all we can ask from you.'"

Sophomore Pitcher Max Garner

On his career-long performance in the game:
"I knew I was going to give more innings than I have been, especially recently. I really wasn't getting too tired. I left one pitch up and give the guy credit. It was a changeup. He was waiting for it and I left it up and he got it. I knew I was going to have to throw extended innings coming in. I just wanted to go out there and eat up as much as I could."

On how the team will look at the season:
"Like coach talked about we really came together this last weekend as a team. We were really starting to support each other on a level that we really hadn't all year. I really think starting in the fall we will get some new guys in and just kind of start with a new culture like what we have built the last couple of weeks. You always want to build on your previous losses or wins. You always want to build on your season, so we will definitely try to go from here."

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