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Meet The Press: Waco Super Regional

Head coach Steve Smith met with media on Friday to discuss this weekend's Waco Super Regional.

Head Coach Steve Smith

On Baylor's offense versus Arkansas's pitching:
"They are very power-oriented from start to finish. It's what you really would expect from them this late in the season. It's not unusual. I think what they will face, which I think they will find very unusual for this time of the year, is that there is clearly more than one way to get things done. That hasn't always been true. I think the change in the bats has leveled the field between the pitchers and the hitters. You don't have to miss the bat anymore as a pitcher. You just have to miss the barrel. It's going to open the doors for a lot of guys to pitch and be successful who aren't big-time power guys. That by itself won't get things done. There are other ways to win."

On his team's pitching:
"They've been doing a pretty good job this season. They just pitch. Trent (Blank) is a pitcher; Josh (Turley) is your typical left handed pitcher. They do what they do well. I haven't read what other coaches have been putting on the Baseball America site, but someone shared with me that one said that Tyler Bremer was our best guy. It's interesting to hear the takes that other coaches have on your team. On any given day, I could see that and agree with that. That's good to know. This is not to say that Arkansas's guys are not pitchers, matter of fact I say they are. We're not going to go out there and get pounded by one fastball after another; it's going to be a lot different than that."

On Arkansas's strengths:
"There are guys in everybody's lineups that you would prefer let beat you. I'm not going to be specific, there are multiple guys in Arkansas's lineup that have the ability to beat you. They're very athletic. They're going to win the `wow' factor. Dave (Van Horn) has always been aggressive, so they're going to be aggressive. They will play with a lot of confidence and energy. I think it makes for a pretty interesting matchup to be honest with you."

Senior OF Dan Evatt

On the importance of winning the first game:
"If we can go out and get the first game it will definitely be a good thing. Last weekend though, we proved that we can battle back through the loser's bracket. We're just going to take it one game at a time. We're going to focus on tomorrow. When tomorrow's over, we're going to focus on Sunday. If there's a Monday, we'll focus on Monday. Our focus is on pitch number one at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon."

On Omaha being a goal from the beginning of the season:
`That's our ultimate goal, but we have lots of goals underneath that because we know it's all about the process of getting there. We can't just say `Oh we're going to try to play well and get to Omaha.' We have tons of team and individual goals that we set at the beginning of the year. We have just stuck to that path and are one-pitch warriors. That has been our ultimate goal all along though."

Junior LHP Josh Turley

On playing the super regional at home:
"You wouldn't think it makes that much of a difference, but it really does. Having the crowd yell for you definitely gets the adrenaline pumping. When momentum shifts, it is a great thing to see the crowd get into the game. It has helped us out a lot this year. It's been one of our goals all year long to get the crowd more into the game. We have had dugout chants from earlier this season that the crowd has caught on to. It's funny and exciting to see that."

On Arkansas's offense:
"I've seen them play a couple of times, and I have a few friends on the team. They're a bunch of good guys and it looks like they have been swinging the bat very well. We just have to play our game and not worry about the statistic side of baseball because statistics aren't all that matters. Once you get out there and actually play the game, statistics don't matter. You can't focus on how they are doing. You have to focus on yourself and the goal you and your team set."



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