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Game Highs and Lows

Game-by-Game Highs

BAYLOR BASKETBALL 2001-2002 Baylor Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 10, 2002) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ HARDIN-SIMMONS 11-17-01 107-48 W 21-Taylor, Kenny 17-Roberts, Lawr 4-Lucas, John 6-Roberts, Lawr 4-Roberts, Lawr Sayman, Matt TEXAS-ARLINGTON 11-21-01 88-64 W 23-Elsey, Chad 10-Roberts, Lawr 8-Lucas, John 4-Roberts, Lawr 3-Roberts, Lawr SACRED HEART 11-24-01 81-55 W 21-Roberts, Lawr 11-Davis, Greg 3-Elsey, Chad 5-Greenleaf, We 2-Davis, Greg SMU 11-27-01 92-90 W 24-Lucas, John 7-Elsey, Chad 10-Lucas, John 3-Elsey, Chad 1-Davis, Greg Elsey, Chad CAL STATE FULLERTON 11-29-01 92-56 W 20-Lucas, John 7-Davis, Greg 5-Greenleaf, We 2-Sayman, Matt 3-Guinn, R.T. Lucas, John at Rice 12-01-01 60-75 L 15-Elsey, Chad 8-Davis, Greg 3-Lucas, John 4-Greenleaf, We 1-Roberts, Lawr Davis, Greg NORTH TEXAS 12-08-01 95-81 W 27-Lucas, John 8-Roberts, Lawr 11-Greenleaf, We 4-Davis, Greg 2-Greenleaf, We Greenleaf, We Roberts, Lawr CENTENARY 12-17-01 99-66 W 26-Roberts, Lawr 9-Roberts, Lawr 5-Elsey, Chad 4-Greenleaf, We 5-Roberts, Lawr Lucas, John vs Puerto Rico-Mayaguez 12-20-01 97-58 W 18-Taylor, Kenny 16-Roberts, Lawr 6-Greenleaf, We 4-Greenleaf, We 2-Roberts, Lawr Davis, Greg vs Florida International 12-21-01 65-61 W 15-Roberts, Lawr 8-Davis, Greg 7-Lucas, John 4-Lucas, John 3-Roberts, Lawr vs Texas-Pan American 12-22-01 66-72 L 16-Lucas, John 8-Davis, Greg 4-Sayman, Matt 7-Greenleaf, We 2-Davis, Greg at TCU 12-29-01 81-92 L 21-Lucas, John 9-Davis, Greg 5-Sayman, Matt 5-Sayman, Matt 1-Greenleaf, We COLORADO STATE 01-02-02 68-53 W 19-Lucas, John 7-Roberts, Lawr 6-Roberts, Lawr 2-Roberts, Lawr 2-Davis, Greg Kosmalski, Lo Greenleaf, We IOWA STATE 01-05-02 79-74 W 16-Lucas, John 6-Davis, Greg 6-Sayman, Matt 2-Greenleaf, We 3-Davis, Greg Roberts, Lawr OKLAHOMA STATE 01-08-02 57-68 L 12-Roberts, Lawr 6-Roberts, Lawr 3-Sayman, Matt 3-Lucas, John 2-Roberts, Lawr at Texas 01-12-02 78-102 L 30-Roberts, Lawr 9-Roberts, Lawr 4-Lucas, John 2-Sayman, Matt 2-Greenleaf, We KANSAS STATE 01-16-02 73-70 W 20-Roberts, Lawr 6-Guinn, R.T. 5-Greenleaf, We 3-Lucas, John 1-Greenleaf, We Sayman, Matt Guinn, R.T. at Texas A&M 01-19-02 60-63 L 23-Greenleaf, We 6-Guinn, R.T. 4-Lucas, John 2-Greenleaf, We None Sayman, Matt Sayman, Matt Elsey, Chad TEXAS 01-26-02 63-69 L 17-Roberts, Lawr 14-Roberts, Lawr 4-Greenleaf, We 4-Elsey, Chad 1-Roberts, Lawr Greenleaf, We Greenleaf, We Guinn, R.T. at Colorado 01-30-02 88-95 L 23-Kosmalski, Lo 9-Roberts, Lawr 10-Lucas, John 3-Lucas, John 2-Roberts, Lawr Greenleaf, We Kosmalski, Lo Greenleaf, We TEXAS A&M 02-03-02 97-45 W 25-Roberts, Lawr 11-Roberts, Lawr 7-Lucas, John 4-Roberts, Lawr 2-Davis, Greg at Oklahoma 02-06-02 57-70 L 15-Sayman, Matt 5-Guinn, R.T. 5-Greenleaf, We 4-Guinn, R.T. 1-Davis, Greg Greenleaf, We MISSOURI 02-09-02 81-80 W 19-Greenleaf, We 9-Roberts, Lawr 4-Sayman, Matt 7-Greenleaf, We 1-Roberts, Lawr Lucas, John Davis, Greg Davis, Greg Guinn, R.T. at Texas Tech 02-12-02 65-90 L 26-Roberts, Lawr 14-Roberts, Lawr 4-Lucas, John 3-Greenleaf, We 1-Roberts, Lawr Sayman, Matt at Kansas 02-16-02 72-87 L 21-Roberts, Lawr 7-Roberts, Lawr 6-Sayman, Matt 3-Sayman, Matt 3-Roberts, Lawr OKLAHOMA 02-19-02 54-65 L 19-Lucas, John 8-Roberts, Lawr 5-Greenleaf, We 2-Greenleaf, We 5-Roberts, Lawr at Oklahoma State 02-23-02 64-77 L 22-Roberts, Lawr 15-Roberts, Lawr 5-Lucas, John 2-Elsey, Chad 1-Roberts, Lawr at Nebraska 02-27-02 55-75 L 12-Lucas, John 8-Greenleaf, We 3-Henry, Kevin 2-Lucas, John 2-Davis, Greg Lucas, John Roberts, Lawr TEXAS TECH 03-02-02 89-91 L 22-Roberts, Lawr 13-Guinn, R.T. 6-Greenleaf, We 3-Roberts, Lawr 1-Davis, Greg Guinn, R.T. vs Kansas State 03-07-02 73-74 OL 23-Roberts, Lawr 10-Roberts, Lawr 7-Greenleaf, We 3-Guinn, R.T. 4-Davis, Greg

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