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Baylor, Texas Postgame Quotes

Jan. 5, 2013

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JAN. 5, 2013 • ATTENDANCE: 7,749

 Interim Head Coach Jerome Tang

On being a head coach for the first time in 10 years:
“It was a great experience, and I am thankful to have the opportunity, but we have two other guys on our staff who would’ve done the same, if not a better job than I. I feel like we have head coaches all along our staff, so this was definitely not a me thing. It was a ‘we’ thing.”

On Cory Jefferson’s chance to be a leader:
“He needed time and being behind NBA guys limited his play. There are not enough young men out there who are willing to go through the process to become the best player that they can be. More guys are into the instant gratification, the microwave society: warm it up quick. Cory Jefferson had bought into it, and it is paying off. He is reaping what he has sewn. He worked hard for three years and it is now paying off for him. I could not be any happier for him.”

On Pierre Jackson’s edge over Texas' Javan Felix:
“I am thankful that we had Pierre Jackson as our point guard. I wouldn’t trade him for any other player in the nation. I think that he is the best point guard in America. I think in tough situations he is able to fight in adversity and come out on top.”

 Senior Guard Pierre Jackson

On controlling the ball in the critical point of the game:
“We all have our roles, and that’s mine. My coaches and teammates have a lot of faith in me. I just go out there to help my team win. Isaiah (Austin) was telling me the whole time to ‘Bring us home.’ I do my best either if it is passing the ball to someone or shooting from the free throw line, I do it.”

On overcoming the late second half struggle that has happened in past games:
“That is a big plus. We go through practices preparing for a game situation like that. We stayed poise and kept calm and pulled off the win.

 Junior Forward Cory Jefferson

On his journey to be where he is today:
“It’s exciting. I’ve been able to play with my teammates. During my redshirt year, I was able to play with them every day during practice, but I never got the game experience with them on the court. Now it is just exciting to be with them on the court and doing everything that I had been doing in practice in a game.”

On Texas’ physicality:
“It’s the start of the Big 12 season, so everybody is going to be physical the whole time. We just have to prepare for that. We rough each other up every day in practice, so we are going to go out there and give it our best to win.”

 Sophomore Guard Deuce Bello

On guarding Javan Felix:
“He did a great job today. We tried to make a couple of adjustments and ended up switching on ball screens. That really helped us come out with a win.”

On four guards playing in the final minutes:
“I think that we just wanted to keep them out of the paint and stop them from dumping the ball to their bigs. We wanted to stop the pull up jumpers.”

 Head Coach Rick Barnes

Opening Statement:
“It is disappointing that we fouled too much and we were not able to rebound well enough, but I thought that there were some positives throughout the game and we had a chance to win.”

On Javan Felix:
“Javan [Felix] can score very well. We all knew that he could, but it was just a matter of time until he was able to in a game. We have really put a lot on him and he has responded very well. He has a big heart and he hates losing.”

Freshman Guard Javan Felix

On the difference in the game:
“They fought harder for loose balls and they rebounded the ball very well. They wanted the 50-50 balls more than we did and that really cost us.”

On scoring a career-high 26 points:
“Career highs are nice, but this is a team game and we didn’t win as a team so it really doesn’t matter. Unless we win, it is irrelevant how many points I score.”

 Sophomore Guard Sheldon McClellan

On turning the ball over late in OT:
“I was just trying to be aggressive and A.J. [Walton] hit the ball out of my hands. It was a great play by him to strip me.”

On the end of the game execution:
“Coach always talks to us about executing late in games and we were not able to do that, especially at the end of overtime when we had two straight possessions without points.”



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