Baylor Postgame Quotes

Jan. 8, 2008

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Baylor Head Coach Scott Drew:

On the game:

"The toughest thing when you play a Princeton-style of offense is being disciplined not to give up any backdoors and to try to limit the threes. With our team liking to get out and run so much and score so much, that's tough for players to do. To hold them to 40 percent field goal percentage was a real tribute to the defensive intensity that we brought."


On LaceDarius Dunn's play:

"LaceDarius (Dunn) is one of those players that when he gets on, it's hard to stop him. Some of those shots you say, `what are you doing ... great shot.' He was definitely on one of those streaks tonight."




On recovering from last Saturday's poor shooting:

"That's sports. One week you can look great and one week you can look terrible, you can make shots and miss shots, and that's what's great about athletics. Every night you've got to show up and see what you see. Just like the past football season, it's the exact same in college basketball; you've got to bring it every night. It's a real tribute to our team to have one of the toughest schedules in Baylor history and set the school record with 12 wins in non-conference."


Baylor guard LaceDarius Dunn:

On hitting 7-of-8 three points field goals:

"My first couple of shots went in and from there on out the goal was looking pretty open to me, so I just kept shooting and my teammates kept giving me the ball. Everything was just falling for me today."


On the Brown defense:

"I felt like I was pretty well guarded, but most of the time once it got out of my hand I just knew it was going in. As far as the defense, they were there contesting the shot, but it was falling."


Baylor forward Kevin Rogers:

On the game:

"We did some things great, obviously getting the ball to the hot hand. We could've played a little bit better defense, but we held them to about 40 percent shooting. The biggest thing that we've been talking about all year is rebounding, and they out-rebounded us, so that was below our standards. We have a lot of things that we need to work on, but we're definitely ready for Big 12 play."


On playing against a Princeton-style offense:

"It's very hard to adapt to, but Colorado plays their style of basketball, so we're ready for what they do and how they run. That's definitely a different way to play."


Baylor guard Aaron Bruce:

On being ready for Big 12 play:

"Obviously conference is another step up, but we're working hard. It was a good showing by the guys to turn things around after a loss. In conference play that's a good thing for our young guards to learn is that you're always going to have another chance to play in a couple of days. We did a good job of letting that go, playing a new game, and taking on a new game plan."


On bouncing back from the poor shooting in the loss to Arkansas:

"We knew that our shooting was below standard, and we expect more of ourselves. Shooting is our strength, and during that game it was a weakness, and we don't want to put ourselves at that disadvantage. We mentioned in practice just after the loss that we got a little complacent. We were happy with being 11-1 and we started to spend a little bit less time in the gym, and the next day we'd spend just a little less time in the gym. Once you're under the bright lights and the pressure's on, that's going to come out. We got a reality check and went back in the gym."


Brown Head Coach Craig Robinson:

On the game and LaceDarius Dunn:

"Well what can I say, 24. LaceDarius Dunn was the difference in the game. It wasn't like we didn't know about him. We knew who he was. If you guys were watching the same guy that I was watching, he had a guy on him at all times. In the first half, he had two open shots. The rest of the time all of those shots he made, he was guarded. I may have to look at the tapes to make sure, but I have to think that we had a hand in his face and were swinging at the ball every time. That almost never happens. That kid is a great shooter, I saw him warming up before the game and he made every shot he took.


On the offensive game plan:

"I thought we did a good job. We came into this game wanting to control the tempo. If it wasn't for (LaceDarius) Dunn going 7 for 8 from the 3, I thought our guys did a good job doing what we wanted to do. We have a few goals at the beginning of the game that we wanted to accomplish, and we accomplished those. We wanted to control the tempo, and we wanted to rebound. We out-rebounded Baylor, and we wanted to execute our offense.

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