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Baylor, Kansas State Postgame Quotes

Jan. 10, 2012

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4/5 BAYLOR 75, 18/18 KANSAS STATE 73
JAN. 10, 2012 • ATTENDANCE: 12,528

  Head Coach Scott Drew

Opening Statement:
“Well I thought as a coach it is fun being in games in this environment. I credit Kansas State with the great fan support they have and what a great team and what a great job Coach Martin has done to build this program. I think for everybody that watches games saw two teams that laid it out on the line and gave everything for their institution and schools. I was very proud of our guys and that we came out on top. The other thing is, I think Coach Martin is a class guy and we started this a couple years ago praying after games as a team and he was gracious enough even after a loss. So I really respect him.”

On the first conference road win:
“It is actually our second road game cause of Tech, but we all know the Big 12, you win on the road and that is something that does not happen often. With K-State and what Coach Martin has built here, it does not happen possibly all year long. So, I thought I was very proud of our guys and the big thing is sometimes people question our team’s toughness and I think tonight we showed how tough we have been all year long because of our leadership and our seniors stepping up and I know that is constantly something people are asking, ‘Has Perry been getting tougher?’ And the answer is yes. Every day he gets better and better and he had a big rebound at the end and I’m proud that paid off for him.”

On past teams that pulled from behind:
“A few teams, but only a few, and I think that goes to the leadership. We had unbelievable leadership all year long from our upperclassmen.”

On Rodney McGruder:
“There is a lot of focus on him, he is a heck of a player and did a heck of a job all night long. We did not have many answers for him.”

On the battle between the two teams:
“I think anytime you play a Kansas State team coached under Coach Martin it is going to be a war and they play extremely hard. I thought as a coach I was very proud of our effort. I saw we lost rebounding 26 to 28 but offensive rebounding was 12 to 12. At the beginning of the year we were not very good at rebounding because of our senior leadership and upperclassmen leadership, they made an effort every day to get better at it. In my opinion Kansas State is as good as anybody, if not the best in the country, and doing what we did shows the improvement we have been making.”

 Forward Quincy Acy

On last play:
“We assumed that they would throw the lob, due to the time. They had ran that play a couple more times in the game. I just tipped it out.”

On coming out with 4 fouls:
“I had to let them know the game plan. Me being a team leader, I just provided spark. I knew it was tough and the only thing that was going to get us a win was playing hard. So I just made that my goal coming back in.”

On Rodney McGruder:
“He is their best player. Good players make great plays. We have to play even better the next time. He is a great player. There was some miscommunication on some of our defensive plays, like not hedging on screens that gave him a wide open lane. But, he is just a great player.”

On beating K-State:
“Last time we beat K-State was here during my freshman year, and to go out my senior year with a win on their floor feels great because I know how hard it is to win here. I am proud of our guys, they stepped up. We all accepted coaching and played hard.”

On remaining undefeated:
“We try not to pay attention to that, but it is hard not to. Last year we got a little fame, and we got embarrassed a couple times. Going through that last year I really stressed with our guys that we really should not get caught up in the rankings. We have to play like we have something to lose and like we have a target on our back. I am just proud of our guys, because they come to work every day.”

 Forward Perry Jones III

On Jordan Henriquez:
“Rebounding wise definitely K-State is one of the best rebounding teams in the country.”

About adversity:
“Learning to stay together as a team, when we are down 10 points we still stay together. Guys will get mad at each other. Just being poised.”

On having a target on their back:
“Our team had to bring their A game. It is a lot better than losing.”

 Head Coach Frank Martin

Opening Statement:
“I am just disappointed. When the frontline has more turnovers than defensive rebounds, it is hard to win. I am just disappointed. Our guys have battled. They have worked and I respect the way our players have performed. But for us to protect our home court and not close this game out because of a comedy of plays is embarrassing. It comes down to getting a stop. You are down one at home, you have to get a shot up to win it and we cannot get a defensive rebound. It is hard to win that way.”

On bad offensive play:
“The guys wearing our uniforms threw the ball to the guys wearing their uniform so they could go down and dunk. It is hard to play good offense and it is hard to play defense and then throw the ball to the other team so they can go down and dunk the ball.”

On Baylor’s defense:
“Their length obviously bothered our guys. Other than Rodney (McGruder), our biggest issue was making a layup. We had guys that were so worried about getting their shots blocked that they would not make a layup. Our turnovers had nothing to do with their length. Our turnovers were just guys not running offense. They would hold the ball, (try to throw) careless, no-look passes, and it is hard to win that way.”

On the final play of the game:
“I wanted to put Angel (Rodriquez) and Rodney in a flair-screen situation. We put Rodney at the four and we told him to use the flair if (Baylor) is late. If you are open, it is a two-point game, shoot it. If you are not open, drive it. We had lifted the floor and he had gotten fouled on a couple of baseline drives from that same spot and he made the perfect read. They chased him so he ripped it. Angel stepped out and he turned it right into the ball-screen. You have to go make that lay-up. I do not know how you lose that ball. That is what you get when you have a freshman in the game and you ask him to make a winning play against older players. He unfortunately could not do it.”

On playing back-to-back Top 10 teams:
“We are good enough to beat them and obviously, we have not done it two out of three times. We are not going to go home and cry. We are not going to take our ball and go home and not want to do it anymore. It is just disappointing that we did not get it done. The (conference schedule) is 18 games and we are only three games in. Give Baylor credit, they are a good team.”

 Guard Will Spradling

On Baylor’s scoring runs:
“It really just came back on us. When they made their run is when we did not play offense. We either put up quick shots or we were just making careless mistakes. We turned it over a lot more than we have been and that is just something that we cannot do.”

 Forward Rodney McGruder

On his performance tonight:
“I just wanted the victory. That is all that is going through my mind. We were close and we just gave it away. We had the lead; we got lackadaisical with the ball. We acted like we were trying to come back and not take care of the ball when we had the lead.”

On K-State’s final play:
“I wanted the ball. We ran a play where I could have got the ball if I was open. We tried to make a play at the rim by throwing a lob and we just came up short.”



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