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Men's Basketball

Baylor, Oklahoma State Postgame Quotes

Jan. 14, 2012

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Sat., Jan. 14, 2012
Ferrell Center (Waco, Texas)
Attendance: 9,594

  Head Coach Scott Drew

Opening Statement…
“Well to start out with I think it’s very hard to win any Big 12 game. We were able to get separation and extend the lead, and this is something that we haven’t done a great job of this year. It was good to see tonight to see our men rebound and take care of the basketball. Oklahoma State just caught us on a bad day and we were really good today.”

On playing better throughout the course of the game…
“There are not a lot of games where you have everybody play and everybody contribute, and I think everybody that played gave something to the team, did something for the team and made us better. As a coach here, that’s when you’re happiest, when the players are all happy.”

On the team playing better than today…
“As a coach you’re always going to find things you can improve on. I think we just played well today, they probably didn’t play as well and that’s what led to the margin being the way it was. Definitely the areas we didn’t do as well on we’re going to work on. There is no perfect game. There’s always room for improvement.”

On feeling like the underdog this season going into the Kansas game…
“I think Baylor Nation and Baylor University, with the great run we’ve had in football, men’s basketball and women’s basketball since November, that’s something that might be unprecedented. I think everyone in the nation has just got a different approach and feeling toward Baylor because of those successes. We have outstanding sports that have won a lot of championships here and we’re just now catching up to those sports. I know Kansas was the rightful champion and until someone beats them, they’re the team to beat. We know playing on the road in the Big 12, no matter who you play, is always a hard-fought contest and playing Kansas is the toughest.”

On the upcoming game against Kansas…
“The great thing is the nation is probably excited to watch a good game. I know our players are excited to play in a good game, and I think as a coach you just love having the stage where people can see how our guys can play and also see how good of role models they are.”

Forward Quincy Miller

On the team playing better as the game went on…
“We’ve been practicing a long time, every day. We were prepared because we’ve got a great team. We just came out prepared from the start.” 

On the team’s chemistry…
“We’ve always have a lot of chemistry. We don’t mind sharing, that’s our biggest attribute.”

Forward Perry Jones III

On the second half performance…
“That’s just the depth we have. We have a lot of confidence in each other, we enjoy playing with each other. Just having guys on the floor with people they’re comfortable with and everybody’s comfortable with everybody.” 

On playing with Pierre Jackson…
“It’s a special connection in games. The guy’s not like that in practice, but when game time comes we definitely just know where each other are going to be.”

Forward Quincy Acy

On playing at home court…
“We had a lot more people in the stands and it was just good to have everybody back. The crowd was outstanding tonight and we fed off of their energy.”

On rebounding…
“I’ve been saying all year that’s what we need to get better at and we’ve been doing a good job in practice and going hard on each other. It just shows where we come from and how hard we’ve worked. We still have a long ways to go, but tonight felt great.”

On the defensive effort…
“We know defense wins games. That’s just been our focus: defending, rebounding and taking care of the ball. Those are our three main keys. When we go into a game we are doing a great job doing all three and just trying to be consistent with it every night when we step out and play.

 Head Coach Travis Ford

Opening statement…
“Wasn’t great. They played great, we played bad.”

On defending Baylor…
“They played really, really, really well.”



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