Baylor Postgame Quotes

Jan. 15, 2008

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Baylor Head Coach Scott Drew:

On tonight's game:

"Tonight was a great illustration of the depth that we have this year on our team. We had different people stepping up that the last couple of games might not have. Mark Shepherd really gave us a huge lift and came up very big. Henry (Dugat), who started the year off a little slow, as of late has been as good as anybody in the country. And then you always have your veteran experience, and Aaron Bruce taking that charge at the end of the game sealed the victory. It was a total team effort."


On Henry Dugat's performance:

"Great, great deal of energy, not only on the offensive end, but he was also doing it on the defensive end. As a coach, that's when you've got something really going because a lot of times you might have a player doing well offensively, but he's relaxing on defense. Henry gave it to us on both ends tonight."


On fighting back to win another close game:

"This is like a Big 12 game. I don't think you get many easy ones in the Big 12, and I think that's why it's the first or second best conference in America thus far in the season. The big thing was the second half defense once again stepped up, and players made plays down the stretch, and it was really good to see everybody involved."


Baylor guard Henry Dugat:

On his performance:

"It was a total team effort. I just fed off my teammates, and they fed off of me too. We knew we had to do it on the defensive end, and I think we've been showing that the last two games."


On shutting down Terrel Harris in the second half:

"We knew we could get up under him a little bit. That's what we wanted to do, and we did that, and my teammates helped me out by staying on their men and making him (Harris) try to make plays. Fortunately we got eight turnovers out of him."


On forcing 22 turnovers:

"It was a great scouting report by our coaches and the way they had us playing defense, and we just executed out there."


On what's different with this year's team from past seasons:

"The swagger we have. We know what we've got to do to get things done. We have the veterans and the depth that we need to get it done. We have to keep doing what we've been doing that got us here."


Baylor forward Mark Shepherd:

On providing a spark off the bench:

"With the depth we have, you've got to be ready to play on any night. I just came in and tried to do my role which is battling, rebounding, and setting screens for our shooters."


Baylor guard Aaron Bruce:

On this year's team:

"We've got a swagger. We know that we've gone through a lot of tough times and a lot of really testing games, and we're starting to get a little more experience so we know how to handle ourselves in certain situations. We were put in a situation tonight where we were down, they got a lead, we came back and got a lead, and then they hit us with another punch and made a run. Because of being in such big games before and going through a couple of Big 12 seasons, we could fight back. With our home crowd behind us, I think we did a good job."



Oklahoma State Head Coach Sean Sutton:

On the game:

"Obviously, the two biggest keys to the game in my opinion were our inability to hit free throws. We leading the conference coming into tonight's game. And 22 turnovers to 11; that's the difference in the game...You can't turn it over 22 times and miss 15 free throws and expect to beat a good team."


On Baylor's progression:

"They are older. They are playing with more confidence. They have really talented guards. Outside of Kansas, I think they have to look at their five guys as the best collection of guards in the Big 12. They can put so much pressure on your defense because you can't key on one or two guys. All five of those guys are capable of going out and scoring 20 points on any given night. Rogers didn't have a great game tonight because of foul trouble, but I think he is a really good player. Lomers and Mamadou do a really good job in terms of defending and clogging up the lane and rebounding the ball. I think they are a really good team.


On Henry Dugat:

"He seems to play well against us. He got them on a roll in the second half."


Oklahoma State Guard Terrel Harris:

On the game:

"I think we played pretty good defensively, but as an upperclassman, I think my turnovers really got them in game with their transition. They got into the bonus and made more free throws than us."


On Henry Dugat:

"He's an extremely quick, great player. They spread it out when they got in the bonus and attacked. It made it really hard on me with four fouls to defend him."


On lack of production in the second half:

"That was just great coaching on Baylor's behalf. They smothered me in the second half. I had to be less aggressive because of fouls."


Oklahoma State Forward Marcus Dove:

On the game:

"The key game plan was value the ball and be patient, but we had 22 turnovers which you can't do in any big 12 game."



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