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Men's Basketball

Kansas State 69 - Baylor 60

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Jan. 17, 2007 - Manhattan, Kan. (Bramlage Coliseum)

On the game...

"Credit Kansas State for making big plays down the stretch. I think the last ten minutes showed which team has the seniors and juniors, and which team had the freshman and sophomores. Credit them for getting the win."

On switching to a zone defense down the stretch...
"That was defiantly a big help because we got into the bonus and we didn't get to the free throw line from there because the zone give you some outside shots. We are a team that thrives on the outside shots. Our offense is designed to get us threes and we got some looks but we just didn't make them."

On K-State's second-half comeback...
"If you watch a lot of tape you will see a lot of these but they are never fun when it happens to you. We are a team that since we are young that sometimes our offense affects our defense. They scored on 14 out of their last 17 possessions and we didn't score very much. We went zone and man but they just had all the answers, so they defiantly deserve the win."

On K-State's defense...
"Credit to their defense, they played hard all night. We had some shots that didn't go in and we need to learn how to close a game."

On the impact of this loss...
"This is a game that we really needed. To have the chance to win the game on the road in the Big 12 and come away with a loss hurts."

On the comeback...
"I was really happy for these guys because they need that. They need to understand that if you keep doing the right things then you got a chance."

On the start of the second half...
"We came out and defensively we were not that bad, that was good because we just could not score the ball. We had a stretch where we missed three lay-ups. We missed a lot of shots - they blocked some and made some good defensive plays. Our movement was not very good, we wanted to come and move but our motion was not very good. "



On the zone defense...
"I just like to win. I am not a zone guy but I like to win more than I am stubborn. Once we got everyone on the same page I thought we did a pretty good job matching up. ."

On the win...
"It's a marathon, not a sprint. We have to come ready to play on Saturday, and then we have to be ready to play on Monday. It's great to win and we feel better tonight, but tomorrow we have to start watching Iowa State."

On being 2-2 in conference play...
"Two-and-two is better than one-and-three, but three-and-one is better than two-and-two. It's an old cliché but we are not good enough to look down the road. We have to take the games and be ready for the game at hand. Our margin for error is not great so we have to do things right, and we have to be prepared. There's nothing wrong with that, you just have to be prepared and you have to show up to play all the time."

On digging a hole in the second half and getting out...
"We went on a drought there for almost 10 minutes. We just weren't scoring the ball in the second half. They went on a run and we knew we had to get out. We knew we just had to put the ball in the hole, get out offense going, and try to get to the free throw line."

On being down 11 points...
"We knew the game wasn't over. We still had 10 minutes to go. We are a tough team, especially on our home court. We knew we were going to make a run sometime. We just dug in and made plays."

On being down 11 in the second half...
"It got tough. We just had to keep fighting and make some shots. We switched defenses up on them, and I think that got to them a little bit. We had to do something different because our man-to-man defense wasn't working."

On taking inside shots in the second half...
"I saw my opportunities to get to the basket a little bit more at the end of the second half. They were really keying in on my 3-point shot."

On getting the home win...
"We had to protect our home floor. We have to get the wins at home. Now we have to go out to Iowa State and get a road win."

On K-State's turnaround in the second half...
"Offensively we started to make shots and defensively we started to make stops. It got to the point that not only did we miss shots but they came down and started making theirs. When we switched defenses we started getting key stops and pressure on the ball. I think defense really plays up our offense. It helps you with that confidence, knowing you can step up and hit some shots."

On the win...
"In this conference, one game can be a big game - especially against Baylor. Coach told us coming in that you only get one shot against Baylor unless we play them in the tournament. We knew that we couldn't get this game back. If it comes down to it and we are tied in records, us having this win would be crucial."

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