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Men's Basketball

Baylor, Missouri Postgame Quotes

Jan. 21, 2012

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5/5 MISSOURI 89, 3/3 BAYLOR 88
Sat., Jan. 21, 2012
Ferrell Center (Waco, Texas)
Attendance: 10,617

  Head Coach Scott Drew

Opening Statement…
“I thought we came out, and there’s no mystery what we want to do, get the ball inside, take advantage of our size. Early on we got the ball inside, then they got their fifth foul at the 10:44 mark and then I think we did a bad job of continuing to do what was going to be affective, and that is get the ball inside. We wanted to get in, get in foul trouble and get to the free throw line. That didn’t happen. I think they did a great job of it. I thought second half we did a better job competing on the glass, but dug ourselves a hole in that first half and you can’t do that. For 40 minutes you have to protect the home court. I thought the crowd was great and gave us a chance to get back into it. Offense, you shoot 57 percent, but at the end of the day you have to defend it and you have to rebound. We wanted to get the ball inside and try to get them in foul trouble because they don’t play a lot of guys, and credit them for not getting in foul trouble and us not getting the ball inside.”

On the defensive effort…
“That’s what’s really tough about them is they can shoot it and they can get in there. If they couldn’t shoot, we could have just backed off and made things easy, but when you’re a great player you can do two things and they have a lot of players who can do two things. That’s why they’re a top-five team. Besides that K-State loss, nobody’s been able to figure them out.”           

On the final moments of the game…
“The crowd really helped us get back in it. The guys, all year long, have fought until the end and won a lot of close games, and they give you a sense of our leadership we can come back. Missouri is a very tough team to come back from because they’re guys that are hard to get the ball from, plus they shoot free throws so well.”

On fighting back through the second half…
“The big thing is Missouri seemed to have all the answers, and our game plan was simple: we wanted the 31 free throw attempts instead of 11. They got them and we didn’t, so we have to do a better job of attacking and a better job of drawing fouls because you’re playing seven guys and you can take advantage of that and getting the foul.”

Forward Quincy Miller

On his first-half performance…
“I guess I was on.” 

On the first loss at home…
“I take it hard. I don’t like losing at all.”

Guard Pierre Jackson

On the final minutes of the game…
“When we were down, we knew what we had to do was to get the game back.” 

On the second half performance…
“We just weren’t as focused on the defensive end, so we had to get quick points and try to do defend as well as we could at the end to get some stops.”

Forward Quincy Acy

On the rebounding effort…
“That’s the difference of the game, you have to be strong on the board and that really helped them. They had like 14 second-chance points in the first half and that’s what killed us.”

On the second half perfomance…
“It’s a 40-minute game and we have to do a better job.”

On the overall team performance…
“Penetration killed us, and even when we got to the paint, we couldn’t even do a good job finishing off or rebounding. It was collective. Everybody has to rebound and keep the ball in the paint."

On the first loss at home…
“You have to defend your own court and we didn’t do a good job of that. The crowd did a great job of supporting us, but we didn’t  come out with the win and we feel like we let the crowd down.”

 Head Coach Frank Haith

Opening statement...
“Obviously, it was a great win for us. I thought our guys showed a lot of poise down the stretch. Throughout the game, we played with great toughness, which you have to have to win on the road. There were a couple of things we thought were important. Our ability to rebound the ball was important to us in this game and were were able to get that. Then, against a team that played zone, I think we did a great job not just settling for a bunch of threes. The third thing was paint points. Those were the things we really wanted to do. I thing we did that and, obviously, in the end, we were able to hold on for the win.”

On what he liked about his team…
“Just the gritty toughness. When you play on the road, you’re going to be faced with a lot of things in terms of just adversity. I thought our guys responded and never missed a beat. A couple of plays didn’t go our way and we have to say, in our heart, ‘next play.’ We exemplified that today and you just have to be that way on the road.”

On rebounding…
“Whatever we emphasize as a coach, the kids have to do it. We understand we are vertically challenged, we’re not a tall team. We have to be very technique oriented and block out with physical block outs as much as we can. We do have quickness and guys who can run down loose balls. This team has learned to not watch the ball when shots go up. We were finding people to go block out. Then, we were coming down with the rebounds. We know that if we aren’t in the ballpark from a rebounding standpoint, we are going to struggle.”

On whether the win is bigger than others…
“No. We have to program our guys and ourselves. If we had came in here and lost, I mean, no win, no loss is going to make or break us at this point in the year. We’re six games into it, 5-1, hell of a start. Enjoy the day, but we have to get ready to go on the road next week.

Forward Ricardo Ratliff

On offensive execution…
“I just commend our guards. Our guards did a great job staying cool and making good plays when we had the opportunity. Baylor is really good at a really strong zone and I think we did a really good job of penetrating it.”

On winning…
“It was just the next game in our schedule, so every game is a big game, I think. It doesn’t mean any more than who we beat the last game. We’re just trying to go out and get better and win games.”

On whether last year’s team would have won…
“I believe so. We have the exact same guys except for Justice Ivory. Last year, we weren’t as together as we should have been, but most of us have a year under our belt and coach is really preaching that we have to stay together on the road, so we huddle up and things like that so we don’t let the crowd get to us. Go out there, stay together, stay poised and ignore the crowd. Play Missouri basketball."

On how he scored…
“I mean, we have great guards. All of those guys draw so much attention, so defenses forget about me sometimes. I set a pick and they usually try to hard-hedge a double team and that leaves me wide open. We do a great job passing out of the double team, so I just try to finish the layup.”

Guard Phil Pressey

 On clock management…
“If there’s only like three minutes and we’re up by ten points, then we use at least 30-35 seconds per possession, then time will run out. We had a good idea a few times and scored and just tried to execute down there.”

On playing without Kim English…
“We’re a well rounded team and everyone on the team is confident in each other. If one guy goes down, that means another guy needs to step up. If Kim or anybody else gets in foul trouble, the next guy in line has to step up. We can’t dwell on him getting in foul trouble, we just have to keep playing.”

On Mizzou’s mental toughness…
“We practice situations like that, then run sprints and get in shape for our offense. It’s the same thing with the defense. We just try to take our practice to the game and when we do that, we’ll be successful.”



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