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Men's Basketball

Baylor, Texas Postgame Quotes

Jan. 28, 2012

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Sat., Jan. 28, 2012
Ferrell Center (Waco, Texas)
Attendance: 10,299

  Head Coach Scott Drew

Opening Statement…
“Last year, this time, we had a great crowd, College Gameday was here and we didn’t handle it the way we wanted to. But this year we were able to do that. We owe the fans one, and they were awesome today and had a big impact on the game. I thought defensively we were better than we were last time we stepped on the court. We rebounded much better. As long as we keep improving in those two areas, we can focus on other areas later like turnovers and all the other thing coaches have to worry about.”

On closeness of the score in final minutes of the game…
“I think first of all, if you look at Texas and anytime you have a rivalry game, it’s not over until it’s over. I think Coach Barnes has done a phenomenal job with such a young team. Look at all their scorers and they’ve won a lot of close games, so we knew it was going to be a 40-minute game. J’Covan (Brown) was special and we didn’t have an answer for him and then we made some unfortunate plays, but as a coach it’s a lot easier to teach after a win than it is a loss, so I’d much rather teach now.”        

On the team’s maturity and decision making…
“If you look at it, we’ve been successful in close games all year long and had great leadership. We haven’t won every close game, but we’ve won more than our fair share. We’re a young team, and by young I mean for Pierre (Jackson), it’s his first year playing college basketball. Quincy Miller, his first year playing college basketball and Perry’s only second. So when you look out there you see three first-year guys and one second-year guy, and because of the great leadership from our upperclassmen in practice and in games and huddles, we’ve been fortunate enough to win. So, I say that to say hopefully we keep improving and the best is at the end. ”

On the impact of the crowd…
“I liked it (the neon shirts). I want to thank the marketing and athletic department for doing that. I thought for national TV it looked great. And fans, when we go to a game sometimes, we realize we can have an impact on the outcome of the game and today they did.”

Guard Brady Heslip

On the closeness of the score in final minutes of the game…
“We knew that every game in the Big 12 is an important game and they’re going to fight until the end. They hit some tough shots and got fouled on a couple three-pointers, so they were getting points when the clock wasn’t running. We just have to dig in and get the lead again, start rebounding better and hold down the game.” 

On playing against Myck Kabongo…
“We played on the same team for five years, so I know what kind of player he is. I know he’s a really good passer and when he wants to, he can turn it on and score. He got that and-one three there and I know he’s a great player.”

Forward Perry Jones III

On the final minutes of the game…
“We had a lot of unforced turnovers and that’s something we don’t need. They got like 20 points off of our 18 turnovers.” 

On the team’s potential…
“We could play a lot better. We’ve got a lot of room to grow as a team and we just need to focus on that in the next practices and compete a lot harder and get ready for these road games. Decision making, defense and rebounding. Those are the main things and the main parts. And effort, we need to work on our effort too.”

 Head Coach Rick Barnes

Opening statement…
“We certainly put ourselves in position and there are some things that we didn’t like and some other things that we didn’t do, but we have to put ourselves in position and finish it. I think we need consistency with everybody on the team and we need guys who we know what we’re going to get every single night, and we still don’t have that.  We have a couple guys who are doing it, it won’t show up on the statistics, but they’re really trying to do the things that we want done.  But we have to have everybody.

On what it takes to win…
“The bottom line is, it’s about winning and for us to do that we need everybody.  We need some consistency out of everybody.  In the first three, four minutes of the game we didn’t execute a game plan.  When we actually had going what we wanted was when Jonathan (Holmes) came in the game is what we were looking for against their zone early and we picked up two fouls.  We didn’t stick to the scouting report the whole time, we leave our feet on certain guys, and things like that and those are the things we have to do. Those are the issues we talked about.  When I’m talking consistent I’m not just talking about rebounds, points, I’m talking about doing the job.

On his team…
“I thought we played with confidence.  We’ve lost some games to good teams. I know what we thought; our deal was we’re going to go out and compete because we want to win these games. The fact is, in some situations, we aren’t going to win it until guys understand every day practice.  It’s practice habits that guys still have to develop and it’s not just a gameday thing.  I’ve never seen a guy have a ‘game face’ or ‘flip a switch’.  I don’t think I’ve ever coached anybody like that.  They understand that it takes every day.  And that’s what we’re going to have to get from this time now.  We’ve played enough games that guys have to understand that. That bothers me more than anything.

Guard Myck Kabongo

On winning close games…
“We always find ourselves behind from the start of the game.  We have to learn how to come straight from the beginning and have a sense of urgency and rhythm and attack strong from the beginning.”

On matching up to Baylor…
“Baylor is one of the most talented teams in the country.  They outrebounded us 21-9 in the first half. Like I said, that first half kills us when we’re playing from behind.  We just have to have a sense of urgency to get guys to come in here and grab offensive rebounds.”

Guard J'Covan Brown

 On his game…
“I didn't help my team get a win. I just didn't come through tonight for them. Those shots I made, they don't even matter because we didn't win. I came down the stretch and made good plays and found Myck, and Myck hit some big shots. And he found me. He and I just had a good rhythm going.”



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