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Baylor, Oklahoma Postgame Quotes

Jan. 30, 2013

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JAN. 30, 2013 • ATTENDANCE: 6,533

 Head Coach Scott Drew

Opening Statement:
“I thought we put ourselves in a hole early on. Oklahoma, in the first half, we couldn’t stop them offensively. We didn’t come out and defend and rebound and take care of the ball like we needed to and that got us in a hole. In the second half, the intensity and defense picked up and we were able to get some buckets. I’m proud of how we finished the game, but disappointed in how we started the game. At the end of the day you hate to put yourself in a position to come back like that and not get over the hump. I think Oklahoma deserves a lot of the credit because they shot 53% against us and for the most part played an outstanding game.”

On Isaiah Austin’s 21 rebounds:
“Isaiah was great in the second half. We needed that, because Oklahoma defended us well and our shot selection was poor. I thought we took some bad shots in the first half and the second chance points (24-6 advantage for Baylor) gave us a chance.”

On what falling back into the pack for 2nd place in the Big 12:
“You know the Big 12, one game you’re sitting pretty and the next one the world is coming to an end. Our upperclassmen have the experience to know that this is a grind, a battle, a gauntlet. It’s a marathon. We all know this is still just the beginning stages.”

 Senior Guard Pierre Jackson

On if they put themselves into too big of a hole in the first half:
“Yeah. A couple of their players almost had career highs on us. We didn’t adjust at all and that’s our fault. [We knew] Player tendencies and the scouting report, but we just let them do what they wanted.”

On the defensive struggles:
“We weren’t talking at all. A.J. and I were trying to stress the fact that we weren’t talking at all but that didn’t help. When we go through tough times like that we need to find a way to get everyone to talk and communicate.”

 Senior Guard A.J. Walton

On the comeback at the end:
“We got to play like that the whole 40 minutes. The first 5 we didn’t play hard at all, we were dead out there. That’s my job, I’m supposed to bring energy to the team. I had two quick turnovers.”

On the four-guard set:
“When we had Deuce (Bello) at the 4 (position), he can pressure the ball on the bigs and make it difficult on them. When Pierre and I get it going on the defensive end it is great for the team.  We can cause turnovers like we did. But we got to play for 40 minutes.”

 Head Coach Lon Kruger

Opening Statement:
“Well, if there’s any time you can win on the road you feel really good about it. Any win against the very good Baylor club makes it better. The guys on top battled for the most part, executed things very well, moved the ball pretty well and got each other open much of the night. We didn’t handle the last few minutes as well as we would’ve liked to, but we’ll learn from that. Any time we play Baylor they’re long and athletic and do a great job. That makes you feel even better about the outcome. (Isaiah) Austin was such a big factor on the offensive boards. We just couldn’t keep him away from the ball. And yet Amath (M’Baye) and (Steven) Pledger carried us throughout much of the ball game, and I’m happy to see them continue to shoot well.”

On not drawing up plays during the first half:
“The guys did a really good job of moving the ball and setting good screens for each other. The timing was good, shots came in rhythm and it was great to see Pledger step up there and knock down shots. It was good to see the guys set the tone.”

On Baylor’s four-guard lineup:
“It created more activity for them. I thought they did a good job of pressure late in the game. We didn’t handle that as well as we needed to, and we have to learn to move the ball down the floor a little more aggressively.”

Senior Guard Steven Pledger

On what’s been different this year than last year:
“We just have more players, that’s all, more players who can play.”

On the win:
“It feels great to pull out a win. I think we’ve done a great job on the road this year.”

Junior Forward Amath M'Baye

On getting comfortable on the court:
“I was definitely really comfortable out there. My teammates ran terrific plays. They always got the ball exactly where I needed it to score. It’s just a great job overall for the team.”



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