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Baylor, Oklahoma State Postgame Quotes

Feb. 1, 2014

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NR/RV BAYLOR (14-7, 2-6) 76, 8/10 OKLAHOMA STATE (16-5, 4-4) 70
Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014
Gallagher-Iba Arena (Stillwater, Okla.)
Attendance: 11,500>


Baylor head coach Scott Drew

Opening statement:
"Obviously, it was a big win for us. We needed a win. We've played well enough to win a couple of games, and we haven't. That's because the Big 12 is a great conference and the margin of error is small. As a coach, I'm very pleased that the guys have stayed together. It's a good group to coach. We really like them. We believe in them. We know we went through a tough stretch, but we'll just try to keep getting better each and every day. Hopefully, we can finish the season on a high note."

On coming into the game:
"I felt a great peace coming in today. It was like the story of Gideon trying to get up (to Stillwater). Everything that could go wrong, did ... It was good bonding for us eating pizza on the bus and sitting on the plane forever. I'm just really pleased as a coach for our guys, especially after the last couple of games. It was a tough couple of weeks, and they've stayed together and haven't pointed any fingers. I'm just happy for them."

On Kenny Chery sitting out the game due to injury:
"It was a game-time decision, and he hadn't been practicing before West Virginia. Kenny felt bad at West virginia because he felt like he couldn't play like he's capable of doing. He felt like he let the team down. Kenny was the best coach that we had today. He was unbelievable. That's what you want, (a) player injured helping out the team any way they can."

Baylor senior guard Brady Heslip

On winning this game after recent struggles:
"It's great. Wherever we were going to go, we had to get a win. We're happy that we got it here because this is a great win, it's a great team. We knew we were going to turn it around sometime, so today is a good day."

On the help from production of players such as Rico Gathers:
"There's no way anybody plays harder and with more energy than Rico in the country. Every single team would like to have a guy like that. When he does that like he did in the first half - goes crazy and gets a steal, gets a dunk, we're with him. The way he brings it like that is amazing. He's a great teammate all the time. We're just going to bring that energy. Like I said in the last time I talked to you guys, the positivity. I'm trying to bring the positivity and he's going to bring the energy, and when those two combine, we're going to be really good."

Baylor senior guard Gary Franklin

On the importance of shooting with confidence:
"It's very important. We saw a lot of teams play -- you can name almost any team in the country where we feel like guys have the green light and they're shooting from anywhere. You watch film on Phil Forte, and he's almost shooting from half court. Brady and I have been shooting those shots since we've gotten here. With a different team, he's asked to do a little more, and now we're asked to knock down more shots. Having that sense of confidence helps us to be successful and knock down those shots."

On how much they game planned on stopping Forte:
"We stressed that heavily. I think that's why Markel (Brown) was able to knock down a couple of shots, because we said we'd rather anyone else on the team take an open three than to rotate off and then have Forte knock down some shots. Once he gets going, he can hit from pretty much anywhere, and that causes too much havoc on the defense. Obviously we wouldn't want Markel to make as many shots as he did, but we'll live with that as opposed to letting Forte get off and get some shots."

Baylor sophomore forward Rico Gathers

On the importance of playing physical:
"We've really been pushing the physicality side for the past two weeks. That's what we've been preaching to each other, just being physical. I knew one of these games it was going to let out and people were going to see it. Everybody played real physical tonight and it helped us down the stretch."

On the advantage on the inside:
"One of the main things that coach pointed out was, `Who do they have that matches us on the inside?' I took advantage of it in the first half. Then Cory (Jefferson) came out, like I told him and Isaiah (Austin), `I need at least 10 points out of you in the second half,' and Corey came out and he produced. Isaiah came out and he got an and-one bucket."


OSU head coach Travis Ford

Opening statement:
"You have to give credit to Baylor. They made shots. They were 11 of 23 on threes, and we were 6 of 21. That's the story. We let a kid, who all he does is shoot threes, shoot threes. We had some guys whose shots weren't falling, but Baylor made shots and withstood every run we made at them. Even after our big dunk to regain momentum, they had a dunk and an and-one on the other end. We just didn't play well. We have to regroup as a team -- not as individuals -- as a team. We're at a crucial point in the season."

On whether players are trying to force the issue on offense:
"A little bit. We didn't force shots as much in the early stages of the game as we had been. We have to start getting the ball to the guys who are making shots. Le'Bryan (Nash) went 7 for 11, and Markel (Brown) went 9 of 12. When guys are hot like that, we have to keep feeding them, and we didn't do a great job of that in big situations. When the opponent is playing zone as much as they were, you have to make shots, and we didn't."

On the quick turnaround to Monday's game against Iowa State:
"It doesn't get any easier. The good part is, you can get right back on the court and do something about it. We can't feel sorry for ourselves, because it won't do any good. We have to weather the storm. These are tough times. Everyone goes through them. How we respond is important. For us to have success, we need to recover as a team. If we continue to play like individuals, we will continue to struggle."

OSU senior guard Markel Brown

On if the team is pressing:
"It's all within the team. Us going out there, playing hard, sharing the ball, having great movement on the court and battling on the boards. We just have to do a better job."

On the issues with the team right now:
"Playing hard, we're playing in spurts right now. Sometimes, we get out there and relax and that's when the other team punches us in the mouth. I feel like we need to just go out there and play hard, never take a play off, battle the boards all night long, no matter how physical the other team has been, and get back out to pushing the ball and sharing it."

On what he personally needs to improve on:
"Everything. I only had two rebounds tonight. In any category out there, I can do a little bit more, whether it's getting a couple steals, rebounding, assists, cutting down on my turnovers and scoring a little more on offense. Anything I can do in playing my role, my role is to score the ball and defend us out there. I need to go out there and perfect it."

On Gary Franklin:
"He stepped up and made some big shots for his team. We tried our best to keep the ball out of (Brady) Heslip's hands, I think he made six threes tonight and in doing that, we kind of took our focus off Franklin and he stepped up and made some big-time shots for his team and it hurts us."

On finding the balance on defense between being aggressive and not fouling:
"We just have to go out there and do it. We did a great job of staying out of foul trouble tonight but we have to be aggressive. We can't keep that off the court, we have to bring it with us, play good defense with that aggression and stay out of foul trouble. It can't be one or the other, it has to be both."



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