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Baylor, Kansas Postgame Quotes

Feb. 8, 2012

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7/10 KANSAS 68, 6/6 BAYLOR 54
Wed., Feb. 8, 2012
Ferrell Center (Waco, Texas)
Attendance: 10,334

  Head Coach Scott Drew

Opening Statement…
“I thought Kansas did a tremendous job bouncing back after the tough game with Missouri, and we were talking with our team and we need to do the exact same thing come this Saturday. I think we’re all embarrassed and disappointed by our play, up 10 with 9:41 to go into the first half was really the beginning of the turning point. We have to go back and watch film and see where and what went wrong there, but we should have finished with momentum going into the locker room, and we didn’t. Then the beginning of the second half, we get a steal to start the second half and then from there nothing went right. I’m most disappointed with the fight that we had. I thought for 13 minutes into the second half, we didn’t play or compete like we’ve done all year, and that was disappointing. Even when we played up at KU and they beat us, at least we competed. The last seven minutes I think we got back to that. I thought first half, five offensive rebounds apiece, they had 10-2 second-chance points so they were able to score there. We weren’t able to score ours and that was a big difference. I don’t know why (Jeff) Withey likes playing against us so much, but he looks like an All-American every time he does.”   

On similarities between the two games with Kansas…
“They (the games) were very similar and we were sitting on the bench talking about the exact same thing. Up there we didn’t put (Quincy) Acy back in the game when he had a couple fouls, but today we did. We tried to change up the lineup and seize momentum going into the second half, but we weren’t able to do it.”

On the change of momentum throughout the game…
“I thought KU moved the ball better and we didn’t rotate properly at the end of the half on a couple of situations that we did earlier on. And that’s the toughest thing is when you do something right once and you don’t do it right the next time. I think, again, that basketball is a game of momentum and that’s what I’m most disappointed in; motivating our team because when we got down we should have popped back up a lot quicker than we did.”

On going into the game against Missouri on Saturday… 
“In the Big 12 Conference every game is a war, it’s a grind. We lost to Missouri and KU last time and we bounced back up and if we didn’t have four good games, we wouldn’t have been in this position. The disappointing part is we did have an opportunity to do something special, first of all defend home court. Second of all, have a chance to help us take a major step towards winning the conference championship, and that’s the most disappointing thing.”

Forward Quincy Acy

On the loss…
“It’s very disappointing, we lost at home.” 

On the team’s ability to recover from this loss…
“I feel the coaching staff is going to do a good job (on helping us come back) and the leaders on our team are going to do a good job so that we won’t make minimal mistakes that will cost us the game.”   

Guard Pierre Jackson

On the change in the game’s momentum…
“It took a lot out of us and we just couldn’t come back.”

 Head Coach Bill Self

On the team’s approach after the loss to Missouri…
“The loss Saturday, as I’m sure you guys could understand, the kids put a lot into that. And to play so good and come up empty is obviously deflating, but these guys really showed me something. I thought we may pout up and feel a little sorry for ourselves, and we didn’t. We showed some toughness. You take away three minutes in the last 80, that’s about as good as a team that we’ve had at Kansas since I’ve been there. (We have) played on the road against two top 10 teams. That was pretty impressive.”

On mid-game adjustments…
“We attacked their zone really well the first time, so we tried to attack it similarly this  time, and obviously they did a better job with that. We found the short corner hole and then got a couple baskets and it seemed like it opened up from there. It wasn’t a great adjustment, it was guys just getting in the gaps and playing. I thought the first 12 minutes, that was ugly. On our behalf that was some ugly ball. We actually got better when Thomas (Robinson) got his second foul, and then we just played through Jeff (Withey). I thought Kevin (Young) gave us a spark the first half too, he had a couple of assists. Tyshawn (Taylor) just stepped up and made some big shots.

On Jeff Withey’s play…
“He was great. That’s probably about as good offensively we’ve had a big man play here in a while. He was great and we needed him to be great tonight. You get one point out of two starters, and end up being up like that. That means some guys really pitched in and played well.”

Guard Tyshawn Taylor

On the play of the defense…
“Once everyone got on the same page, our defense was just  clicking. We made them take tough shots. They made some tough shots and I think they played really well. We really were excited about this game and we knew that we needed it, so I think we kind of just turned it up a little bit.”

Center Jeff Withey

On his game…
“Coach definitely got in my head and just told me that I need to be able to play. I have to be part of this team and help out. My teammates definitely trusted me today, made great plays and got me open.”



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