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Baylor, Texas Tech Postgame Quotes

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 Head Coach Scott Drew

Opening Statement:
“I like this game a lot better than the last three. Again, I felt like we have been improving and we have been on the short end of it, but defensively we were very good tonight. The big thing is we really took care of the ball with 22 assists and 26 field goals on the floor that were assisted and only 13 turnovers, so that was big. We were able to keep them out of transition, and we were successful in scoring in transition. I was pleased with that.”

On the defense starting the 15-0 run in the first half:
“No question we were able to get some stops and then in transition, I thought Pierre really did a great job today two to one assist to turnover. Seven to three and that was what we wanted him to do, be two to one or better because he is capable of that. He really took his time and found people, and Brady got hot for a minute there and the bigs started running the lanes to get some good transitions and get the crowd going. I thought that was a good spurt to set the tone for the rest of the game.”

On the importance of this game after losing three in a row:
“Losing is not fun so you need to get momentum. We have got nine games and now we are down to eight, five were at home and four were on the road. Now it is four and four, and you have got to win your home games and this was a big one to get us started because it’s going to be one of those photo finishes with the conference. We want to do our part, and that is taking care of your home court first and go from there in these last eight games.”

On Kansas losing:
“This is college basketball. I know it is frustrating for fans and for players and coaches because it seems like there are so many highs and lows this year, but I can tell you what it is probably the best thing also because you have to watch a lot of games because you have no idea what is going to happen.”

 Senior Guard Pierre Jackson

On playing this game after beating Tech by a lot the last time they played them:
“You can’t forget we were on a three-game losing streak, so this one meant a lot to just keep our confidence high. For myself too, like I have said before, I hate losing. This was a big one for us.”

On the defense starting the 15-0 run in the first half:
“That is just us locking in on defense, knowing our opponents and just talking to each other. You know they [bigs] do a great job of rebounding and they run the floor great to set a couple of threes open for myself and for Brady. So credit to the bigs.”

Freshman Center Isaiah Austin

On having a double-double:
“Yeah, Coach pointed out that with seven minutes left I had like nine rebounds, so I went hard to the glass.”

On the importance of having back-to-back conference home games:
“It is very important. You know we lost one to Oklahoma that we shouldn’t have lost. In the Big 12, you always want to win home games, so if we can get these two in a row it would be great for us.”

 Interim Head Coach Chris Walker

Opening Statement:
“Baylor played great today. Obviously we played them twice and haven’t been very successful. Pierre (Jackson) just controls the game and they do a great job. I thought we had a great chance early in the game to send a message and make a statement. We get a couple of easy shots, and we miss them, and our margin of error is so small that when we miss those shots that could be the difference in getting us going and not getting us going. Then they come down in transition and bang bang make a couple of threes, and it’s really hard right now for us as a program to battle back from that stuff, and then all of a sudden a couple of threes become a couple of layups and a couple of dunks and here we are where we are. But I will say this – we’ll get back to the drawing board, we’ll keep fighting and get ready for Oklahoma State. We have shown the ability time and time again to come back from deficits, to come back from a tough loss and show some pride. It’s great when we play at home in front of our fans. Our guys will be ready to go, we’re looking forward to the opportunity and we just need to put this game behind us. We have another game in a couple of days and a chance to get off our back and really go back and practice and use this as motivation for our next game."

On Cory (Jefferson) and Isaiah (Austin) recording double doubles:
“It comes back to Pierre. It comes back to us chasing their shooters, back to us not getting back in transition and all of a sudden they’re driving and getting second shots. Those guys do a great job of running the floor. They really make it difficult for you. Obviously Isaiah is a matchup because he can pick and pop and he can drive the ball. Again, they played great. I take my hat off to them—they played great. I thought our guys showed some fight at times and they just made shots and we didn’t make shots and things just start to snowball. We’re looking forward to the opportunity of playing Oklahoma State.”

On the offensive struggles of Texas Tech:
“They had length; they’re pretty good and they just did a great job of making us take tough shots. I sense a little bit of frustration on my part. At some point we could stop their plays and they could stop our plays and you have to be able to make plays. They did a great job of stopping us when we tried to make plays. And sometimes there’s just a lid on the basket and that’s when you have to dig in defensively and just play hard. And again, they made shots and I think we have the inexperience and inability of us to stop a high power team like that when they get it going. We had that opportunity at the beginning of the game to neutralize some things and if we could have made a couple more shots ahead of them, that might’ve changed the flow of the game, but once they got in a groove it was very difficult for us to get back into the game.”

Sophomore Forward Clark Lammert

On how the game got out of hand:
“We started playing our own game and slowed it down a bit. They put some ball pressure and made us take some shots and there were some bad passes. We didn’t get back in formation very well. They get back, have their energy and just kept going.”

On how mentally tough it is to rebound when you’re down:
“It’s always tough, but our coach does a great job and is always so positive. It’s especially tough on the road, because once they start making a run and getting the crowd into it. Guys like me, Jaye, Jordan, Ty, we try to huddle after every dead ball, and we’re going to bounce back on Wednesday.”

On how to stay positive:
“It’s hard, it’s definitely hard. We have spurts when we look like a great team and we’re moving well, playing well, playing hard, and there are spurts when we’re not.”



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