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Baylor, Kansas State Postgame Quotes

Feb. 15, 2014

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BAYLOR (16-9, 4-8) 87, Kansas State (17-8, 7-5) 73, 2OT
Saturday, February 15, 2014
Ferrell Center, Waco, Texas
Attendance: 7,556


Head Coach Scott Drew

Opening Statement:
"A little more to smile about tonight. How about those Bears? You have an excited coach because we have definitely lost our fair share of close games in conference, and we haven't had that much to cheer about. I really thought our guys persevered. It was great Brady (Heslip) saved his one make for the big one. I thought it was really fitting with Prince the other day giving his life over to Christ, and when he banged it in I thought the good Lord is smiling on him today. It was a great way to sum up the game with him going out with a bang"

On being able to get over the hump to finish the game tonight:
"I think the ball went in. The other times it went in, but it was too late. I thought at first we wanted to get the easy one and as time started to tick down then we knew we needed the three, and I thought they stayed poised. I thought Cory (Jefferson) for a second might get a bucket and a foul. That wouldn't have been a bad way to get a three-pointer, but it was really heads up to get the ball to Brady. From there in overtime, I thought Kenny (Chery) had a great look to end the game. That is one of his best shots, so that was very well executed. Then the best way to do it is to get a double-digit lead, so you don't have to worry about it."

On the contributions from so many different players:
"I think everybody that played contributed and had some area to help the team, and you need that. Again, our strength of schedule--fourth or fifth--I don't know where it is now, but it's not like we're playing teams that aren't top 25 or top 20. Last week, who has been better than Kansas State, beating Texas and Kansas? It's a war each and every night and I really thought the crowd had a big impact in the game tonight."

On Kenny Chery having a triple double:
"It's nice having him help me. Coaches always say we're only as good as our players, and a healthy Kenny really helps our team. He had good preparation heading into this game and against Kansas State you really need someone to create pressure. Kenny did that. You need someone with speed and quickness to track down rebounds and get deflections. Kenny did that. "

Sophomore F Isaiah Austin

On the play at end of regulation:
"All I remember is when I grabbed the rebound, I tried to not travel. I saw Brady sitting there wide open so I passed it out and I knew we needed three points."

On doubting Brady after he was 0-6:
"He's a great shooter. We don't care if he is 0-6 or 0-9. We tell him to shoot the ball. That's what he does. He made that one."

Junior G Kenny Cherry

On winning the game in that fashion:
"It was great. I just played hard. I can't say anything else but to thank my teammates and thank God for putting me in a position to play the way I did tonight, but my teammates played as well as me and credit to them for playing hard as well."

On playing a full 44 minutes:
"It felt great. My teammates have been pushing me really hard in practice, and that's kept me in shape, which showed today. I was probably a little tired at the end of the last overtime but my teammates kept me on my feet and kept encouraging me and everything went well."


Head Coach Bruce Weber

Opening Statement:
"Heck of a ball game. We have been begging and pleading with our guys to have emotion and energy in the first half. I thought our defensive effort was as good as any of the years, including at home. We really had them boggled up and frustrated. They shot 26% in the first half and we were everywhere. I thought we had the opportunities in that first half to extend the lead but we did not. We missed some open shots. We came out too casual, made some turnovers, they got some easy baskets and made up seven or eight points in two minutes and now it is just a back and forth game."

On the last possession of regulation:
"We just have to hope and pray that it bounces to you. If it goes out of bounds I call a timeout and tell them to foul. You have to give their kids credit for having the savvy to throw it out. He (Brady Heslip) only made one but the one was obviously big."

On if this game stings afterwards:
"I think it is all a learning experience. We have a lot of young guys. I told him (Marcus Foster) the next time he has the opportunity he will make it. This is how you get those experiences and next game down the road, postseason, Big 12 Tournament we will have close games."

Forward Nino Williams

On his mindset coming into the game:
"It was the same as every other game. Come in and bring energy. I think today I cut the zone out a little."

On the difficulty of rebounding against Baylor:
"I think we did a great job of boxing out. I just think that they were so long and so athletic that when we tipped it they just happened to get more loose balls than us. They are just so athletic and so big that the ball landed in their laps. They just happened to get the 50-50 balls today."

Guard Marcus Foster

On if this game stings afterwards:
"It definitely hurts me a little bit. I had two chances to put the game away. So I have to just keep getting better and not get down about this because we have another game coming up Wednesday."

On what he has learned this week after two overtime games:
"That this league is very good and very unpredictable and you have to come and play every night because every team you are battling is really good."



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