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Postgame Quotes

Feb. 16, 2008

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Baylor Head Coach Scott Drew:

On tonight's game:

"From a coach's standpoint, we did a great job coming back. I was proud of the team's effort to give ourselves a chance to get a win down the stretch. I credit Texas for making big plays. I told the guys in shoot-around that this program's back to a point now where you have ESPN, you have the largest crowd in the school's history, and you've got a chance to beat a top-10 program. They've come a long way in a short period of time, and in the last two games where we've been over-excited to play, Arkansas and Texas, we didn't start off shooting the ball very well. 1-for-17 in the first half doesn't get it done against a top-10 team, but we played good enough defense and rebounded well enough to give ourselves a chance in the second half. The irony is that when the offense came on in the second half the defense shut off. We've just got to get them both at the same time."


On being able to make a run in the final minutes:

"I give credit to two things - our players showed a lot of heart and a lot of character, and our fans gave us a chance to be in that situation."


On the team's chances of making the NCAA tournament:

"This has been a tough week, and you've got to be above .500 in the league to normally get to the NCAA. We're going to get 5 or 6 teams in, and our goal is to be in the top half so that we're in that position. I don't think we played well at Oklahoma State, but I think we played better tonight. Over the last two years we've finished very strong, and I look for us to get on a roll pretty shortly here."


On poor shooting in the first half:

"If I had the answer we would've changed it. I know they were good looks, and as long as we're getting good shots, our guys are good enough players that they're going to make them."


On getting within a point in the final minutes:

"We haven't given up all year and I didn't expect us to give up. We like to play fast and Texas starting slowing down in the second half and did a good job milking that lead. We had to start pressuring and try to create something else, and we were able to get some momentum after we made a couple of shots. They missed some free throws which gave us a chance."


On the technical foul for attempting to call a timeout with none remaining:

"Where I was pleased with Aaron (Bruce) is that he made a mistake, but he didn't let that one mistake turn into two. He came back and made a great drive and dished off to LaceDarius (Dunn), who was our best shooter tonight by far. There's no one you'd rather have with a wide-open shot in that situation. I was proud that Aaron came back after that."


Baylor guard Tweety Carter:

On tonight's game:

"Any time you make a run like that you expect to win. Texas missed some free throws, and we had a lot of opportunities to win the game, but we just didn't pull it off."


Baylor forward Kevin Rogers:

On if the technical foul late in the game killed the momentum:

"I don't think it drew any life out of us because he hit one free throw and he missed one free throw. We just didn't make the play to come out with the victory."


On the difference on the offensive end in the second half:

"We calmed down and just realized that if we were patient with the ball and took things a little slower that we could get some open looks. Shots just weren't falling for us."


On the team's confidence level:

"It's definitely still up. We can't let a couple of games get us down because there's still plenty of season left to go. We can only take things from this game and learn from them and hope we get better before we play Oklahoma."





Texas Head Coach Rick Barnes:

On the game:

"At the end of the game we didn't get it done from the free throw line and we made it a lot harder than it had to be. With the pressure that they applied and the turnovers that they forced, you have to give Baylor credit for that. Still, we found a way to get it done tonight in a Big 12 road game. I thought defensively for the first part of the second half we really played really good basketball. We started not being as aggressive as we needed to be around the 9 minute mark in the second half."


On Baylor's slow start:

"You have to think that [Baylor] is going to make a push and start making some three's. In the second half they started to make some 3's and we were able to counter."


On Baylor's stretch:

"I saw us missing free throws. If you make some of those free throws it puts some pressure on them to maybe not go down and take it to the basket and forces them to look for a 3. We turned it over some and the free throws change everything. I think you give Baylor credit; they fought hard and stayed with it"


Texas Guard Justin Mason:

On Baylor's run:

"I felt like I was in a bad dream and that anything that could go wrong was going wrong. Thankfully, that dreamed ended good for us."


On what caused Baylor's run:

"I think it was a little bit of both. Baylor forced a few turnovers late in the game and hit a couple of quick 3's and just like that they were back in the game."


On not really putting Baylor away:

"I think over the past few years that we have played Baylor, they have showed that they are never out of the game. We haven't really beaten [Baylor] that badly recently, so we know they are never out of the game."


Texas Guard D.J. Augustin:

On Texas' stamina late in the game:

"Everybody gets tired. We were out there trying to fight through it and doing what we had to do to win. I have great teammates that stepped up and were doing their job, and that is why we got a win."


On leaving Waco with a win:

"Baylor is a great team. We knew it was going to be a tough game coming in. We need to win every road game that we get. This was a great win for us, and we give a lot of credit for Baylor."

On Texas' defensive effort:

"Baylor made some tough shots and good shots. Our defense is going to win games for us and that is what it has been coming down to in the past few games. That is what we try to do, have defensive intensity, and that is what it came down to."





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