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Postgame Quotes

Feb. 18, 2006

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Baylor Head Coach Scott Drew
"I have to give credit to A&M for their execution. At the end of the game, their two big players came up with the big shots. We played hard enough to win but we didn't execute well enough to win."

On A&M's Acie Law and Joseph Jones:
"The importance of Acie and Jones is that when they are on the court, they make everyone around them better and that's the true sign of a good player. We could have pressured more but you have to credit to (Law and Jones). They are two of the best players in the league and that's why you will hear pro scouts say that Jones is the best big guy in the league."

On Mistakes:
"You don't get as upset about things like missed free throws as you do about mistakes at the end of the game. We made some mistakes like not fouling soon enough and letting them run time off the clock but we did some good things too. I have to give the credit to A&M because their guys provided the opportunity for the shots to made."

On Turnovers:
"When you play as many guards as we do, you hope that you don't have more turnovers than assists. As we get older and more mature as a team, I will expect the turnover to assist ratio to be 2-1.

Baylor guard Aaron Bruce
On Three Point Shots
"A&M is a good team and they are not going to let you score 16 three-pointers in back-to-back games. I think that the (lack of three-pointers can be attributed to) a little bit of both good defense by the A&M team but we needed to do a better job of creating the opportunities."

On Losing Close:
"It hurts the most when you play hard enough to win but what hurts you is the mistakes. We practiced for three and a half months and you think you have the kinks worked mentally, but you never know until you get into that situation in a game and the fans are there and we haven't been in that situation enough."



Baylor guard Curtis Jerrells:
"(A&M) pressured us a lot around the outside and we should have realized that and got more shots into the paint. They were on us like glue around the perimeter. Both of our games (against A&M) came down to the wire and we were in the position to win the game, but we just had too many mistakes."

Texas A&M head coach Billy Gillespie:
"This was a hard fought win and I'm very, very, very happy to get it... it's awfully nice to win against a hard team to beat."

On Baylor's 14-0 run with Law on the bench:
"I was determined to leave him over there... They made the plays and you got to give them credit, but we need to play better when he's not in there."

On Kavaliauskas:
"He was fantastic. That was the best game he has played. It wasn't the most points... but the best game he has played in a tough situation."

On Defense:
"I thought we played really good defense. They are a really good team and really hard to guard. I have a great deal of respect for their shooters...Against a team that relies on the three, I think we played great defense."

Sophomore forward Joseph Jones:
"We just battled and more importantly, stayed in there, hung in there, kept fighting."

On last game vs. this game:
"They tried to limit my touches. Last game it was a lot of one-on-one against their big man... this time they brought help."

On difference between the first and second half endings:
"We didn't have any turnovers: that's what stopped us in the first half."

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