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Postgame Quotes

Feb. 21, 2007

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Baylor Head Coach Scott Drew:

"We're very pleased with the effort to hold them to 11-points. Three to ten shooting, only letting them get to the free throw line seven times. We're very pleased with what Mamadou, Josh and Mark were able to do."


"We had to double team them quite frequently. I think our guards did a great job in rotating and getting down there and forcing turnovers. Especially AB (Aaron Bruce) and Henry (Dugat) had a lot of those."


"When you play with Nebraska, it starts with Aleks (Maric), he makes everyone on our court better."


"Being so close for so long from a coach's standpoint, I am very pleased. We really picked it up and got numerous stops."




Baylor Forward Kevin Rogers:

"One of our main points in practice was trying to get offensive rebounds. I had more second chance points then Nebraska. Obviously with Aleks (Maric) in the middle, he's a great re-bounder. We just try to cause some trouble and pick up those second change points."


Baylor Guard Aaron Bruce:

"I felt a little rusty, but I expected that. It took a while to get into the game, and get used to a few situations. Its one thing to practice, but the games are different."


"I was pretty happy with how we played. The big guys did a great job on the inside. They rebounded really well and played really hard. We're happy to get a good win against a quality team."


Baylor Josh Lomers:

"We were definitely trying to keep them out of the paint and not giving them open angles to step to the basket."


Baylor Guard Tweety Carter:

"I had the open shot. They got me the ball and I shot it and made it. I'm just happy that we got the win. We just need to keep working hard."


Nebraska Head Coach Doc Sadler:

"It's real simple. You've got to give Baylor credit they played harder than us, and that's my responsibility as a coach. They kicked us in every area. You would have thought we were the team that won two games and had nothing to play for."


"If we are that weak-minded I don't know if we belong in the NCAA tournament. We're in a position with five games left to make it to the NCAA tournament."


"I think Aleks (Maric) needs to make plays. He didn't make the shots he normally makes, but he didn't let it bother him on the other end and pulled down 12 rebounds... The blame goes to me."


Nebraska Guard Charles Richardson:

"In the beginning of the game, we came out real slow. They came out with nothing to lose and we weren't ready."

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