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Baylor, Texas Postgame Quotes

Feb. 20, 2012

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#13/14 BAYLOR 77, TEXAS 72
FEB. 20, 2012 • ATTENDANCE: 14,501

  Head Coach Scott Drew

Opening Statement:
"It is important to give credit where credit is due. Fans always want coaches and teams to win every year, but every coach in the league respects what a tremendous job Coach Barnes has done this year with such a young team. I think he has done a tremendous job, as well. Being in the league for nine years now, the state of Texas Basketball is what it is today because when Coach Barnes got here he really elevated Texas Basketball. He recruits in the state of Texas and showed recruits that they could stay in the state and be successful. I think that is why us, (Texas) A&M, and (Texas) Tech were able to follow.

"Second thing is in the second half, we obviously went with three guards and man-to-man (defense) and that worked out for us. We took good care of the basketball and got good shots. We played a lot more aggressive on both ends of the court. First half, we had a lot of opportunities. There were shots that you would like to not miss and normally would not miss. But, when you shoot 28%, it is hard to be successful. Taking care of the ball was a big deal throughout the whole game. We rebounded good the whole game as well. From a coaching standpoint, players get a lot of credit because they really set the stage for the second half - what we were going to do and how we were going to fight."

On the difference in the second half:
"One thing is that, I always tell players if you are not making shots you can always guard, but when you make buckets, you seem to play better on both ends. That had a lot to do with it."

On Quincy Acy:
"Quincy is someone who has played hard all year long. From a coaching standpoint we are really proud. For Texas fans, Gary Johnson was similar last year, with the heart and how hard he played and the effort. Quincy, over the years has gotten better on the offensive end. He has expanded his game, but the toughness and leadership he has brought the team is awesome. He deserves a lot of the credit for the success of the team this year."

  Senior Forward Quincy Acy

On the difference in the second half:
"We played defense in the second half. It worked."

On grabbing a career-high 16 rebounds:
"Every day in practice, Coach (Drew) puts us through rebounding drills, and I make sure I go my hardest in every one. I know that is my calling on this team; setting the tone in the paint and being a tough rebounder. I found myself in good position and I never stopped working."

On what was on the line tonight for Baylor:
"We had a tough home loss against K-State, and we really wanted to dig deep and not give up. (Just) because we lost a few games, that does not mean the season is over."

On what he saw from Texas tonight:
"I saw a lot of fight in them. They are a really good team lead by J’Covan (Brown). They are still learning but they are a great team. If they get in the tournament they will make a great run if they come together."

  Junior Guard Pierre Jackson

On playing aggressively down the stretch, despite being in foul trouble:
"We just had to play smarter because we knew coming in that we would not get the calls. So, we had to execute and play smart."

On J’Covan Brown’s late turnover:
"They had a good trap on the ball. A.J. (Walton) read it perfectly and he got the steal."

On the effect of changing to a three-guard lineup:
"We just thought to play smaller to keep their guards off the paint. We will take that over them getting in the paint and getting easy buckets."

  Sophomore Guard Brady Heslip

On the impact of the win:
"It was a big win. It was a statement game for us coming off a home loss at home against K-State. We knew we needed to come in on Big Monday and make a statement."

  Head Coach Rick Barnes

On the difference in tonight’s game:
"It was the second half. I thought the first half our guys played with as much passion and energy and effort and focus as I’ve seen. But, we came out at halftime and didn’t build up. We made decisions, even on the offensive side. We had a chance to put them in some serious foul trouble, but we settled for perimeter shots. One thing you have to do is tip your hat to (Baylor forward) Quincy Acy. He was a man among boys tonight."

On losing close games this season:
"We have had trouble listening, as opposed to hearing. We come out of timeouts and don’t execute. We start the game and we don’t understand the situations. We haven’t yet realized that if there is a guy on the floor with three fouls that we need to go after him. But, I would say the biggest thing with this group is listening."

On comparing both halves:
"The difference in the game was our defense. We were terrific defensively and then we weren’t there in the second half. We gave separation on a three-point shooter, and our ball screens were bad. Then, we would come down and turn the ball over. We have a great knack of turning the ball over at the wrong time. We need to understand the situation better…time, score, fouls…all of those type of things."

On the game-sealing turnover:
"If we would have called a timeout, and we drew up one play and they changed up defenses, then we would have had no time outs left and we would have been lost. We thought in the flow of the game that we could come down and have a play, and we didn’t execute."

  Senior Forward/Center Clint Chapman

On defending Baylor's Quincy Acy:
"All the credit goes to him. He was playing hard. He really just outplayed us. There were two big plays, one where I came across and fouled him. He was able to get the ball up over the rim, and he put up three points instead of two. So, plays like that, all the credit goes to him for being able to finish that. We obviously have got to do a better on rotations and keep the ball out of his hands on offensive rebounds."

On tonight's game:
"It just hurts because we’ve already lost so many by a possession or two in games where we were down in the first half. Obviously I think we were too comfortable coming out of the locker room at halftime. Our intensity dropped off defensively. That’s where they won the game. I thought we still fought, but we just didn’t make the plays we needed to make in the last four-to-eight minutes to win the game. So, it hurts."

  Freshman Guard Myck Kabongo

On losing a close game:
"It’s a tough loss. When we play in front of our fans and our fans come out to support us, it’s tough when you let them down. They have jobs, everybody has something else they can be doing, but they come out to support us. So, it’s a devastating loss for our school, for our fans and for the guys in our locker room. We work hard. We put all of our heart into it."

On Baylor switching its defense from zone to man-to-man:
"It didn’t cause any problems. I think we just didn’t execute our plays. The first half we did a great job of executing. The second half we didn’t execute. So that’s our fault. We need to be able to play against a man-to-man defense and a zone [defense]. We have to execute our plays like we do in our walkthroughs."

On playing tight games against ranked team, but being unable to win:
"It just shows you right there - we just have to finish the job. Nobody remembers the team that loses. It’s all about winning. You can say we’re close, but we have to win. We just have to know what we can do in those close-game situations and execute at the end of the games. Just have to learn how to finish. That’s all."

  Junior Guard J'Covan Brown

On the loss:
"It hurts. I feel like I keep letting these guys down. But, I’m trying. I guess I’m just not figuring it out right now. It hurts right now."

On Baylor's strong second half:
"Their offense had some easy looks at shots. And we weren’t getting any easy looks. We weren’t getting them as a unit. And it starts with me. I just have to clean it up and try to help these guys out. (We need to) win tough games like this."



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