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Baylor, Iowa State Postgame Quotes

Feb. 20, 2013

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 Head Coach Scott Drew

Opening Statement:
“Very tough loss for us, Iowa State shot 54 percent from the field and I thought that and our 55 percent from the free throw line was the difference in the game. Eighty-two points is enough points to win, but you can’t let someone shot 54 percent and score 87. Defensively we didn’t have enough answers tonight and that was disappointing. The free throw line, that was the only way Pierre (Jackson) was stopped tonight because he was outstanding on the offensive end. (Pierre was) 13-for-19 and 8 assists and only 3 turnovers, but a very tough loss. Obviously we know how tough the road is from here on out. At the same time, as long as the ball is bouncing we have a chance, and I’m anxious to see if we take advantage of that now.”

On Iowa State’s 3-point shooting:
“Well, we gave them more looks than we did the first time. At the end of the day, they’re a team that statistically makes more than they miss. I thought last game we guarded them well but they missed some shots Today we didn’t guard them as well and they made shots. Credit them for making those field goals. Percentage-wise they’ve done it all year. They have a lot of guys shooting well from the 3-point line.”                                                                                        

On if this team has what it takes to make a late run:
“Definitely, I think we have a lot of potential. You see the parody in college basketball where anybody can get on a roll at any time. I thought our upperclassmen had a good tone this week in practice. I thought warm-ups were good, and we got off to a good start. Unfortunately they got hot and we didn’t defend well enough to keep that lead at the beginning. The upperclassmen, they rise this time of year, and I believe in our upperclassmen and they’ll set the tone. Hopefully we can make a couple adjustments, tweaks on the defensive end to give us a better chance to keep people from scoring 87 and shooting 54 percent .”

 Senior Guard Pierre Jackson

On the defensive troubles of late:
“It starts on the arc with the guards. If we do a good job of keeping them out of the paint, then they won’t be able to crash the boards and get offensive rebounds.”

On how tough missing free throws was:
“I really don’t know what to call it, I did my regular routine every time and it wasn’t able to fall for me. Those free throws were the difference in the game, I believe. If I had knocked those down we probably would have won the game or gone to overtime.”

Junior Cory Jefferson

On the loss:
“It’s very tough. A home loss, another loss on our record, but there’s nothing we can change about it anymore, the game is over. We just have to keep doing what we’ve been doing, going back to the gym, practicing things we need to work on and preparing ourselves for the next game.”

On giving up offensive rebounds:
“It’s tough. We were rotating a lot on defense so a lot of times people were missing their man on the defensive end when they shot, and that would leave them open, sometimes, to get an offensive rebound.”

 Head Coach Fred Hoiberg

On closing the game out:
“I thought we kept our composure and our poise. When it got under the four minute mark, they had shrunk the gap from a double digit lead down to four. The big thing I didn’t want the guys to do was to get tight. We went out there and flowed and wanted to take great shots. The clock was our friend. I thought Korie Lucious made some unbelievable plays down the stretch by getting to the basket and making some finishes, and then he made that beautiful drop pass to Melvin (Ejim). We didn’t turn the ball over. We had four turnovers before the first media timeout and then we only had six the rest of the game. We battled them on the boards. There were a few that got there at the end but for the most part we did a good job against their length and athleticism, which they have as much as anybody in our league. Then we made just enough stops to close it out. ”

On shooting well from the 3-point line:
“I thought our ball movement was great. I thought our spacing was very good. The guys just rose up and knocked down shots. We missed some good looks in our game at Hilton. We really got out and transitioned and knocked them down. Korie hit a couple in transition; Tyrus (McGee) got himself loose a few times. (Chris)Babb missed some wide open ones and then knocked down that huge one in the left corner to extend that lead back out when they had cut it under five. Confidence, which we’ve been playing with a lot of from behind the arc the last seven or eight or games, has guys stepping up and hitting big ones.”

On offensive success without Will Clyburn being a huge part of the game:
“I thought George (Niang) was terrific. George did a really great job getting us off to a great start early. Melvin just sacrificed like he always does, setting ball screens and rolling into the paint. We had some good high-low looks against their switching defense on the perimeter and we kept the ball moving. We’ve been so much better against the switch-attack since that first game that we got beat at Tech by continuing to move the basketball and not trying to force it in. We tried it a few times but then we got back to movement and that’s what got us those great looks.”

Junior Forward Melvin Ejim

On the difference between tonight and other road games that have been close:
“We made big stops when we needed it down the stretch. Especially the last four minutes we made those crucial stops that we needed, crucial rebounds and we were able to capitalize on them by scoring. We were definitely able to get those stops by the end of the game and that’s what was different from the other games.”

On how much the road losses wear on the team:
“Anytime you lose it’s never a good feeling, but it’s just a testament to our team that we were able to bounce back and we’re on the right track. We’re doing the right things. We learn from our experiences, and like you saw today, we made those crucial stops when we needed it and that’s a key learning point for our team.”

Sophomore Guard Tyrus McGee

On success at the 3-point line tonight compared to the last time they played Baylor:
“It’s the same as every game. You just keep shooting the ball. Sometimes you have good days and sometimes you don’t. You just have to fight adversity.”

On combating height on the Baylor team:
“We just played them the same way we did in Hilton.”



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