Baylor Postgame Quotes

Feb. 23, 2008

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Baylor Head Coach Scott Drew:

On tonight's game:

"After the last two press conferences, this one's a lot more enjoyable for our coaching staff and players. I'm very proud of the team effort. We did a great job in the second half holding them to 37 percent (shooting), and then us only missing two free throws and shooting a high percentage at 58 percent, where we really moved the ball and took high-percentage shots. Much needed win; it feels great."

On the play of Michael Beasley and Bill Walker for Kansas State:

"I don't know if there's a better two-man performance that I've seen personally than what Beasley and Walker put on, but the big thing that I look at is our bench. Our bench had 32 points and their bench had five, so again it was a great team effort. The other thing is that I thought we did a very good job on the boards considering that they're so good on the boards. Kevin (Rogers) had 10, LaceDarius (Dunn) had seven, and I think we did a very good job limiting them to not as many boards as they normally get."

On Curtis Jerrells hitting big shots in the final minutes:

"I really felt that down the stretch, everybody made big plays. I was also very pleased because I know how tough the last couple of games have been, not only on our players, but also on our fans, and it was great to see them be rewarded after a couple of sleepless nights as well."

On moving forward:

"Every game is big in the Big 12, every game matters, and we're just going to focus one at a time."

Baylor forward Kevin Rogers:

On tonight's game:

"We still have a couple of games left, so I don't want to talk too soon and say something out of line. We just came out and played as a team today and did some things that we weren't doing in those last two games, and fortunately we came out with a victory."

On closing out a close game:

"That's the reason that we did what we did in the offseason; for the last five minutes of games, to try to close those things out because we lost so many close ones last year. In a game like this, that offseason work really paid off."

On his alley-oop dunk in the final minutes:

"That's just our guards being our guards. They're just great players. He saw me open on the back side, and he just knows if you put it anywhere near the backboard, I'll go get it."

On the performance of Beasley and Walker:

"The final score shows that two people can't beat a team. We came out and we played as a team, and credit those guys for doing what they do, but it was just a team effort today."

Baylor guard Curtis Jerrells:

On tonight's game:

"All week coach's been talking about playing as a team, and when we went into halftime, those two guys were beating us by themselves. It takes a team, and you see that we had five guys in double figures, and we just outplayed them as a team tonight."

On bouncing back from missing the final two free throws against Oklahoma:

"I can assure you, I stepped up to the free throw line for the first time, and I saw OU players and OU fans, and I kind of couldn't put it past me. Kool (LaceDarius Dunn) here, he kind of got into me when I was shooting those last ones. I told him he kind of ticked me off, but he did what he had to do to make me mad and to make me not miss, so that was a good job. My teammates did a good job of picking me up, (along with) my family, my friends, and coach. I really wanted to blame myself for it, but those guys picked me up and put me over the hump."

On guarding Michael Beasley:

"It was a big difference from guarding Blake Griffin. I told coach, `put me on him, put me on him,' and they started just throwing the ball up as high as they could and he would just go get it at the peak. As you could see, we kind of went away from that."

Kansas State Head Coach Frank Martin:

On the game:

"I think Kansas is as good a defensive team as there is in the country and they scored 90 at Kansas. They're good. They've got q uality players that Scott has done an unbelievable job. Those kids got their heads busted in when they were freshmen, and now they are busting other people's heads in. So that's a credit to Scott and their coaches."

On Curtis Jerrells:

"That's what great players do. We guarded ball screens a certain way all year, and we changed it for this game because we didn't want Curtis Jerrells to get going. But he made some hard shots with Michael Beasley in his face, and I haven't seen many people do that."

On Baylor's second half defense:

"They didn't do anything different. We went on a drought were we missed some chippies, five feet in. I don't want to take anything away from Baylor. They've had a heck of a year. They have just come off of a stretch of playing some hard, hard games where they lost some heartbreakers. But those kids came out and protected their home court.

On playing on the road:

"I think any casual fan who pays attention knows how hard it is to play on the road in this league. You look at Texas and they were beat at Missouri, and Kansas has lost a couple on the road. Top to bottom this is the toughest league in the nation. It's impossible to win on the road in this league."

Kansas State Forward Michael Beasley:

On the game:

"We had defensive and offensive breakdowns...That's the way the game goes."

On the second half:

"We weren't comfortable at all. We've lost after being up by more than that. We came out ready to win and they made some tough shots."

On his record breaking 44 points:

"I was just playing, trying to help my team. I really don't want to talk about my points because it obviously wasn't enough to win."

Kansas State Forward Bill Walker:

On the game:

"I was impressed. I feel like we had the game. We had some breakdowns on defense. They made some tough shots, and it was over."

On his and Beasley's play:

"I just think we made a point to go out and assert ourselves. If we were going to lose, we were going to do it with our two best players"



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