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Baylor, Oklahoma Postgame Quotes

Feb. 25, 2012

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#13/14 BAYLOR 70, OKLAHOMA 60
FEB. 25, 2012 • ATTENDANCE: 8,002

  Head Coach Scott Drew

Opening Statement:
“Second halves have been very good in our last two games. Maybe it’s our depth and wearing people down a little bit, maybe it’s just us making more plays and playing with more energy but to hold them [to] 33% second half is tremendous. For us, we didn’t shoot it well, 38%, but at the end of the day, we didn’t turn it over very much. Eleven turnovers is good for us so we’re getting better there. We didn’t turn it over against Texas in the second half so hopefully we can keep improving on that side of things. We shot 44% second half, which is better.

On the three-guard offense:
“That’s the great thing is that [in the] first half, our zone was better; [in the] second half, our man was better, we can kind of mix and match and see what’s playing well, see who’s playing well and that’s part of that depth and keeping them off balance. At the end of the day, when you’re called upon, you got to be ready to go and they play well.

On the last home game of the season for the senior class on Monday:
“This senior class, and whenever you have the winningest class of seniors in school history, you have a chance to have more wins than any team in school history. Fred Ellis has done so much behind the scenes, been great for the community, a great ambassador. He’s been on mission trips, went to Kenya, and going to get his master’s degree. Anthony Jones started on our Elite Eight team and he’s somebody who’s sacrificed his minutes of play this year for the good of the team. Quincy Acy, obviously everybody has seen what he’s done on the court and how he’s improved, but his leadership has been tremendous. The last impression anybody has is that last game and that’s how they’ll remember the Ferrell Center … If you can come out when we introduce them, I think a packed house is something that they would really appreciate and look back on and be able to say ‘thank you’ to the Baylor Nation. Anyway, you can make it out on Monday, we’d really appreciate it because these guys really deserve it.”

  Junior Guard A.J. Walton

On his increased effort during this week’s games:
“It’s just staying in the gym. I live in here, sleep in here, eat in here. Just trying to help my team out, trying to make a good run in the tournament. We’re going to need everybody to be on top of their game.”

On the three-guard offense:
“I just like playing, period. Whoever I’m out there with, I know we’re all going to play hard. With three guards I think we flow a lot better, we got the defense and scoring, so it all works. With the three guards I have to rebound, I have to get in there. That’s what coaches stressed was going to get the rebound and box out. Anything I can do to help the team win, I’m going to do it.”

  Junior Guard Pierre Jackson

On coming back from the first half:
“We just had a hard time getting our offense into play. We just had to slow down, and the second half we came out and we were more focused and executed more.”

On the break between games:
“That worked out great. A lot of us, other than the gym, we were getting into rehab and getting better. I wish it was always like that, getting a little break before we play, but we’re ready for anything.

  Sophomore Guard Brady Heslip

On the three-guard rotation:
“I think it works really well. These guys are great ball handlers and they’re great passers. Pierre’s lightning quick on offense and defense, A.J.’s going to lock the other guy down so I think it works for us. We’re all kind of different in our own ways but we kind of play off each other.”

On his three-point shooting:
“Guys were setting good screens. Pierre was making good passes, Acy made some great passes. Coach has been telling me lately he wants me to play of screens a little more and just be a little more aggressive and not just a stand-still shooter.”

  Head Coach Lon Kruger

Opening Statement:
“That for the most part was a pretty good battle. I thought the guys worked at it. I really liked Baylor’s club. They were long and rangy and athletic, and Scott does a great job. I think the second half we didn’t shoot quite as well, largely in part of their length and ranginess. We missed some opportunities and they knocked down shots to make an even ball game, then eight to 10, and we were fighting from that deficit the rest of the way.”

On defending Baylor’s three guard offense:
“Any lineup they put out there is a challenge to defend. They have a lot of different weapons, a lot of different combinations that can hurt you in a lot of different ways. Having that flexibility makes them that much more difficult to guard.”

On the team’s three point shooting:
“We had some looks there. Tyler has been doing a good job of knocking down some shots and Pledger had some good looks from three. Obviously we didn’t make any today, but we need those guys to keep looking and stay aggressive, especially with Baylor mixing man and zone. When they’re in zone, a lot of times that’s the shots you’re going to get. Again, ranginess affected some of those, but still you have to step up and shoot them aggressively.”

On playing on the road:
“Playing teams in the Big 12, it’s hard to win road games, for sure. To win today we needed to make all the shots and all the opportunities we had. In the first half, when we were up five to seven points, we had some looks to widen it out at that point. Again, when you play a club like Baylor, you need as much margin as you can to work with, knowing they’re going to make that run in the second half. So it was a critical stretch not widening it out there in the first half.”



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