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Baylor, West Virginia Postgame Quotes

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 Head Coach Scott Drew

Opening Statement:
"First of all, this is the first time we’ve been in West Virginia and the hospitality has been remarkable, everybody has been extremely kind. We knew it would be a great game. We knew it would be a tough place to play because coach Huggins does a phenomenal job and you know how hard his teams always play, you know how tough they rebound. We are very blessed to get out with a win. Neither team shot well but I thought both teams competed."

On the win following Baylor’s current losing streak:
"Any win in the Big 12 is a great win, but I’m pleased because it’s on the road and it is so hard to win on the road. We haven’t been very successful as of late on the road, and it’s good to get a win on the road."

On the early points provided by Isaiah Austin:
"I think he was being aggressive and doing a good job in putting himself in scoring position. I thought he was looking for shots and drove the ball better. He played like he did at the beginning of the year."

On the adjustments made by point guard Pierre Jackson in the second half:
"Pierre is one of those players who gets his teammates involved first and usually picks up his offense. Sometimes we’d prefer if he would score right from the beginning but obviously his assists make our offense work. He missed a couple through-passes, but at the end of the day he made enough of them."

On the final play of the game:
"It’s tough when it’s a three-point game and you have to get a three and the defense knows what you are looking for. I thought we defended it well, and Isaiah (Austin) did a good job in contesting the shot. It’s tough shooting over that guy."

 Head Coach Bob Huggins

On coming up short again:
"Yes, it is frustrating. We had a whole lot of chances. We don't get any stops when we need to get stops and we don't make shots when we need to make shots. But, we played hard today. If there is such a thing as feeling better, I feel better because we did play hard. I got all the powers out of the game and let them sit on the bench and pout. They are not going to pout on the floor anymore."

On Eron Harris:
"Obviously he is because he got 25 today. They didn't guard him before. He was the guy you helped off of and now they can't help off of him. He has been a focal point of everybody's game preparation for the last seven or eight games."

On the last possession:
"It is like what we have run a lot. Everybody runs it. It is a ball screen and if they switch, you go to the basket and score and you still have three or four seconds to go and then you can foul and you have a chance. If they are tight to everybody, you hope that they help. (Pierre) Jackson grabbed Sweat (Kevin Noreen). He just grabbed him and held onto him because I guess they were going to switch everything. If that is the case, then you have to get it at the rim and score and then foul them. Or, get it to the rim and get a three point play. If you watched the Kansas vs. Iowa State game, that is what they did - get it to the rim. You have to score. Taking a shot you can't make isn't helping anything. Let's be honest, we had a great look. Eron (Harris) had a great look. Deniz (Kilicli) set a great screen and you could not have set a better screen. He had a great look and it didn't go in. Deniz had a two footer that didn't go in and Sweat misses a tip in and I think that is the possession we kick it out and Terry (Henderson) misses an open three. Some of those have to go down for you. I thought we did a better job of executing, but at the end, we got shots. We had pretty good shots. For a while, we had two guys running around who had no idea what they were doing, but I thought the guys we had on the floor really did execute. We just didn't make the shots."



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