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Baylor, Kansas State Postgame Quotes

March 2, 2013

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 Head Coach Scott Drew

Opening Statement:
“It was a great game and a terrible ending for the Baylor Bears.  I thought the fans were outstanding. I thought we guarded them much better [compared to the first game]. Defensively, we held them to 42 percent, which is better than last time. We rebounded better. We out rebounded them on offense and defense, which is better. We had 15 turnovers, so that’s at least four less than the 19 last time. But we turned it over too many times when we shouldn’t have. At the end of the day, Angel Rodriguez made big plays and hit a big three. (Rodney) McGruder made big plays. (Martavious) Irving stepped up and made plays. We were one play short at the end of the day. At the end of the game, there are only two bad things that could happen: a foul, or you don’t touch it. Obviously, the nightmare happened where we didn’t touch it. On the flip side, we could’ve caught it and put it in, or caught it and got fouled. With one second left, it’s hard not to try and win the game. Jacob (Neubert) has done a great job in the past of making that pass. Isaiah’s come down with it, Cory’s come down with it, Quincy Acy’s come down with it. So it’d be hard to not try and win the game. That was number one. Then on the underneath out of bounds play, I have to watch film. Five on four, you hope you keep everyone guarded, but we ended up 5 on 3. The good news is McGruder’s a great kid, he’s a hard worker. I have the upmost respect for him, and it’s a special night for him. But for us, it’s a night where we have to regroup, and we can’t let one loss like this affect us for a while. We leave for Austin tomorrow and hopefully we do what we need to do down there. ”

On how physical the game was:
“Very. Both times we played them it’s been like that.”

On the importance of the next game in Austin:
“I think it’s real important that we have short-term memories. Obviously, it’ going to be hard sleeping and it hurts like heck, but you have got to move on.”

 Senior Guard Pierre Jackson

On how tough the loss is:
“Extremely tough.  I don’t remember losing on a buzzer-beater ever. So I don’t really know how to react to it, but like Coach Drew said, we got to have a short-term memory, because we have a big one Monday too.”

On the atmosphere in the Ferrell Center:
“It was great. It was ridiculous. It hasn’t been like that all season. It was greatly appreciated. I hope we will fill all the seats for my last game. I love the fans and it was greatly appreciated.”

Junior Cory Jefferson

On rallying for the lead in the second half:
“We stuck to what we do defensively, we were aggressive offensively. Pierre did what he does best, attacking the basket, finding people and when he got fouled he hit his free throws. When he’s doing that, we all play harder and feed off his energy.”

On how you move on after this loss:
“Same way as any other game. No matter how we lost it, a loss is a loss. We’ve lost before this year, and we know how to bounce back from that, so we’re going to do the same thing we always do and get ready for the next game.”

 Head Coach Bruce Weber

Opening Statement:
“It was a great win for us. We kept telling the guys we have had some great margin victories the last few weeks and sooner or later we are going to have to win a close one. Good fortune went our way. The ball doesn’t hit anything, we get it with one second left, and we didn’t do a very good job on the possession before that. Shane (Southwell) didn’t really get a good look. He was our last option on that one and I probably should have called a timeout, but I thought maybe he could get by Austin and get to the hoop. Sometimes things go your way.  We didn’t hit anything and then it was a play we ran. We put it in Brazil. We didn’t have a quick hitter on shot clocks and we just call it quick. The kids said let’s run it. We have run it once this year and Rodney (McGruder) read it perfectly, great pass by Angel. I got to give a lot of credit to Baylor. I thought they played as hard as they have. It was a battle both halves and I respected that. I was proud our guys rose to the occasion. They are a very good team. I hope they can find a way to get a couple more wins and they could make some noise in the tournament, if they could get there.”

On the play of his seniors:
“I was proud of all our seniors today. Jordan (Henriquez) with eight, Martavious (Irving) with 11. After (Irving) kind of struggled for a few weeks here, we just said, ‘Hey we are going to give Will (Spradling) a shot and if he can’t go, hey you are going to have to play (Irving).’ That is probably the most minutes in his career. Our coaches did a good job subbing in the second half. We rotated each guy a little bit with timeouts. I think that was important and then you know who do you want to have the ball? Rodney made both shots down the stretch.”

On Will Spradling not being able to play:
“You know he gave it a shot. I was kind of hoping he would be able to go today and then see what happens on Tuesday. Maybe give him the rest, so we have him down the stretch run. At home you feel maybe you have a better chance, but he got bumped a little bit and you could just see in his face and body language.”

Senior Guard Rodney McGruder

On hitting the game winning shot:
“Coach drew it up and it was kind of a read from me too. I saw the way that he guarded it and I was fortunate enough to make the shot.”

On when he knew he had made it:
“When I released it. It felt good.”

Senior Forward Jordan Heriquez

On his confidence in Rodney having the last shot:
“A whole lot. Especially for us seniors we have been here. We have been through it before. Thomas (Gipson) said something to me how it is a little pay back from Colorado two years ago when he hit that shot and they called it off. You know we have  been there before and we work on situations like that in practice. We executed really well.”



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