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Men's Basketball

Baylor, Texas Postgame Quotes

March 6, 2010

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#21/22 BAYLOR (24-6, 11-5) 92, TEXAS (23-8, 9-7) 77
MARCH 6, 2010 • ATTENDANCE: 10,562

Baylor Head Coach Scott Drew
On the game ...
"That is how a senior day is supposed to end for the home team. As a coach I couldn't be more proud. I want to thank the fans that came out and supported us and the students that delayed their spring break to come out and support. We didn't want to let them down, and I know they did a great job helping to motivate us. As a coach with seniors, you want to win for them in their last game in the Ferrell Center. I think the team showed you how much they really care for Tweety (Carter) and Josh (Lomers) because they laid it all on the line today for those two."

On the chemistry of the team ...
"I think that is something that anyone can see. The more a team has good chemistry and likes each other, the harder they are going to compete for one another. All year long our team has battled and really competed. (This team has) great leadership, trusts in one another, competes for one another and leads one another."

On the leadership of the team ...
"I think when you are picked 10th and you finish third in a league that is the number one league in the nation, you really have to look at the upperclassmen and recognize what a great job they did with the leadership of the team. Josh (Lomers), Tweety (Carter), Ekpe (Udoh) and Lace(Darius) Dunn - they have done a great job with the team all year long. They deserve all of the credits and accolades that they receive."

On the offensive threats that Baylor offers ...
"I think that most teams that are successful have different options (offensively). We are fortunate enough to have players during the year that have all stepped up and contributed in wins. Fred Ellis was huge when we last played at Oklahoma. Different people step up at different times. A.J. Walton did a tremendous job for us today. We have been blessed with that.

Baylor Senior Guard Tweety Carter
On the play of Quincy Acy and LaceDarius Dunn ...
"They (Quincy Acy and LaceDarius Dunn) came to play tonight. They came and played like they have all year. This was a big game for us and we got the win but we have to get prepared for the conference tournament. It is a new season so we just have to stay focused and keep pushing forward."

On Baylor's record crowd and the atmosphere during the game ...
"You can't even explain it. It was just fun. It was fun the whole night. They stayed with us the whole night, they cheered with us the whole night like they did all year. It was just a blessing to be a part of that."

Baylor Junior Guard LaceDarius Dunn
On what makes this team click ...
"From the head coach down to the last player on the end of the bench, we stand together as a family. We know what our goal is and we know what we are trying to get to. So far I think we have been doing a great job but we still have a little ways to go."
Baylor Sophomore Forward Quincy Acy
On his 10 dunks and career-high 24 points ...
"I knew I was capable. I just thank my teammates for finding me and I did what I do best."

Texas Head coach Rick Barnes
On his team's defensive effort ...
"Very disappointed, not a little bit, very disappointed. I don't think I have ever watched a game where we gave up that many dunks. You've got to control the ball out front. Tweety Carter has been around, excellent player obviously. You look at his 10 assists, that was a lot. You've got to get the ball under control out front and we weren't able to do that. Again, too many guys standing around watching and giving up the easy dunks. We didn't control the ball all night long. I thought they drove it, did what they wanted to do with it. "

On his team's turnovers...
"Again, the most disappointing thing was the turnovers. I mean the way we turned it over just is not necessary. They were careless, careless turnovers. Again you can say quote, unquote, they are freshman, but that is not an excuse any longer. That is all we have talked about all year long is protecting the ball, protecting it. The way we lose it sometimes is the hardest to deal with."

On if he knows why his team continually makes the same mistakes ...
"No, I don't. If I had that answer, obviously we wouldn't let it happen. I don't understand it. I really don't. We have talked about it. We have worked on it for two days. I just don't have an answer for it. I really don't."

On the Ferrell Center atmosphere effecting his team ...
"We have been in atmospheres like this before, so I don't think that had anything to do with it."

On the play of Gary Johnson ...
"He is becoming a guy that is the most consistent guy we got if you look at it. He has done a pretty good job. I think he fought through some fatigue today, but he really did some good things. He had four turnovers, other than that I thought he probably tried and worked as hard as anybody we had out there."

On getting shots against Baylor's zone...
"We knew we were going to get looks against it. We did in Austin. We knew we were going to get it. It is just the turnovers. Again, I can't explain it, the way we do some of the things we do."

Texas Senior Forward Damion James
On if this is the best Baylor team he has seen...
"They came out aggressive. They are pretty good. They got a good balance; inside and out. And they played hard tonight, but yeah, it is one of the best teams I have played against at Baylor."

On the team's turnovers...
"I don't know, man. I wish I could tell you. It was tough, but that is behind us. We got to move on to postseason play."

On the team's defensive play...
"It was pretty bad man. We didn't rotate. We didn't challenge shots like we usually do, so it was tough."

Texas Junior Forward Gary Johnson
On if he knew he would play 38 minutes...
"I didn't have any idea."

On if he could talk about his scoring...
"Nah. I am trying to put the game behind me and move on with the season."

On how he found the open position in Baylor's zone...
"Work hard. Find open spots. Basically that is it. My mindset was not on offense coming into the game. It was more on defense. We didn't show up today."



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