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Baylor-Nebraska Postgame Quotes

March 7, 2009

Recap |  Box Score |  Notes

NEBRASKA 66 (18-11, 8-8), BAYLOR 62 (17-13, 5-11)
MARCH 7, 2009 - ATTENDANCE: 6,346

Baylor Head Coach Scott Drew

On the game:
“I am disappointed upset and frustrated. I think that sums up our team’s feeling. The good thing is that we still have another game. It is the last time that we have another game, if we lose. If someone said you could beat (Nebraska) one time and whether you could take it now or in the tournament, I think all of us would take it in the tournament. We have an opportunity to play them again. Credit Nebraska for stepping up and making plays tonight.”

On the Big 12 Tournament:
“The good thing is a new season starts and we are ready to move to that season so we will see how we do. This team has always done well there haven’t been many expectations. Hopefully we can do that in the conference tournament so they can finish on a high note.”

On team’s confidence heading into next week:
“This is the same team that early in the season was a top 25 team. Confidence is something that is so huge and we all see it in sports. Guys go through streaks where when you are on a roll you can’t miss and when you get off track sometimes getting back on is hard. The good thing is that this season is over now and now we have a new season. We will equate this as we just finished a tournament, and now we just need to start a new one. The good thing is, we can control our own destiny”

Baylor Senior Guard Curtis Jerrells



On the game:
“It was a close game all day. We had a chance at the end but we just didn’t capitalize on their mistakes.”

Baylor Senior Forward Kevin Rogers

On the emotions during senior days:
“I think my emotions were the same, it was still a conference game. It was a home game that we prepared for just like any other game. Obviously it is not a happy feeling to lose on your home court. Like CJ (Curtis Jerrells) said, if you dwell on it you can’t get better for the next game.”

Baylor Senior Guard Henry Dugat

On preparing for Nebraska on Wednesday:
“I think we can take a lot of things from this game. We can learn how to close this game out and have more stops on defense and also getting more second chance points. We didn’t get many second chance points. We need to get more offensive rebounds. Our guys are doing a good job down there, we just have to go down there and help them out a bit.”

Nebraska Head Coach Doc Sadler

Opening Statement:
“First of all let me say this about Scott (Drew) and his team: I have said this to several people, I think the senior class that he has showed an unbelievable commitment and that shows what kind of character he is recruiting here and it kind of shows the kind of coach he is. That senior class has been through about as much as anybody has in a long, long time. They stuck with it and you can obviously see. Even though they maybe did not win as many games as they would like, they are definitely a basketball team that can go to that tournament and get four straight wins. I expect come next Wednesday, we are going to get their best game of the year.”

On today’s game:
“I was really concerned at halftime with our energy and enthusiasm. We kind of looked lackadaisical. We didn’t have the energy this basketball team usually has. We were able to leave the court with a one point lead. Our team came out the second half, if we shoot the basketball and we made free throws and we got a chance to win some games in this league and that is what we did down the stretch. We made the free throws and we got a couple of a couple of good plays.”

On keeping Curtis Jerrells out of the lane:
“They are so difficult to play against. They probably missed some 3-pointers that they usually hit, but Jerrells is unbelievable. He hit those two big 3s late. We wanted to play him like we tried to play D.J. Augustin last year. Try to keep him out of the lane. It is hard to do for a 40 minute ball game. For the most part we did a decent job of it, but he broke us down, also on a couple of occasions. When he breaks you down, it is usually positive for Baylor. Overall I couldn’t be happier to hold a team like Baylor to 62 points. That is a credit to our guys.”

On playing Baylor next week:
“There are a lot of teams in the league that I would rather be playing in the first game then Baylor that is for sure, but that is the way it ended up. We are going to get their best effort and I hope they get our best effort. That is all you can ask for as a coach.”

Nebraska Senior Guard Tony McCray

On keeping Baylor out of the lane:
“That is always our key. We try to limit their touches in the lane and try to keep the ball outside and make them make jump shots, so I think we did that today.”

On playing Baylor again next week:
“It’s probably tough, but it’s probably a good thing to play them twice. It just comes down to who executes the best at the end of the game because I am sure it is going to be a close one.”

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